From food to clothes to summer electrolyte boosting, today’s blog post is a little bit of everything.

First up, foraging this summer continues to show just how badly the wet and windy Okanagan spring affected local flora and fauna.  Our favourite chokecherry trees are slim pickings this year in the usual haunts.  We’ll have to go up further into the local woods to get even close to what we harvested last year, and we’d vowed to get more than that this year. . . not sure if that’s doable now.  Our usual plantain harvest is slow to get going as well, although we finally got some decent narrow plantain leaves for drying in our medicinal cabinet.  Oregon grape is growing well however, and I gathered some more Salsify roots from dead plants to boil up and see how their taste and texture changed from when they were alive.  False Solomon’s Seal berries taste just like raw snap peas!!!  Who knew?!  So we’re gathering those and freezing them for a winter vegetable this year.  I should take a picture of those at some point. . . forgot to do that before they went into the freezer.

Salads this year are largely legume oriented with a healthy helping of thistle/dandelion/chicory leaves and false solomon’s seal.  We’re adding broadleaf plantain whenever we can.

On the money-saving front, my daughter has discovered an infusion of plants and berries that not only act as an electrolyte, but also a brain and stamina booster as well.  She’s nicknamed it her “Stamina Potion” and anyone she’s given a taste to loves it.  Some even say she should sell it.  She usually buys Powerade or Gaterade or similar products to get her through the summer at her job, but not this year.  She’s probably already saved herself at least $10 by making this infusion instead.

Also on the money-saving front, I’ve been given over 24 pieces of high-end clothing, sized Small or Extra Small that I need to sell to help pay a few bills that piled up this Spring.  If you are interested in any of these, drop me a line to  Send payment via e-transfer to along with a note containing which item you are buying, the password to accept the transfer and the address to mail it to.  All pricing is half off the original in keeping with my goals here on this blog, and some pieces are priced less than that.  Brand names are given where possible so you can look them up to verify price ranges of new clothing.  If you are like me, you’ll see those new prices and gag.  If you regularly buy high-end clothing, the sticker-shock won’t be so bad.

Now I know some people will read my blog and be more interested in how they can maintain a personal or household budget more than the foraging, so let me share a way to potentially save money on food and clothing items from a new site I’ve joined recently.  The site is called “Tripleclicks”, and they feature sellers based in countries all over the world selling their local wares to the international community.  Some are selling used goods while clearing out their closets.  Others are selling hand-crafted goods you won’t find anywhere else, while still others are selling commercial goods from their own businesses.  Check out these links to discover what might fit into your budget a bit better.

Becoming a shopping member earns you member reward points that make things even cheaper as you can apply those points to the cost of the purchase instead.  You’ll earn T-Credits as well, which can be used to enter auctions for items, further reducing the final cost of what you wish to buy.  Put the two together and there might be occasions when all you paid was shipping, assuming it wasn’t an item where free-shipping was also being offered.  So yeah, give these links a look-see and check it out for yourself.

Grocery Shopping:

Clothing (what appealed to me, there are tons more):

Yard and Gardening: