End-to-End System for Earning, Saving, Growing, Spending BTC!

As I prepare to type tonight, I am busy in InfinityTrafficBoost doing my 100 site surf routine for the day.  The rest of what I am about to type about today however, begins with the earnings that Faucet Ally has netted me since March of 2017.  It is my goal to get ITB doing the same thing and ITB has the higher opportunity to do so in a far safer fashion.  In addition to the faucets originally listed on Faucet Ally, other contributors were found that are also paying.  These have been added to the end of the Faucet Ally page.

(NOTE: Image links are provided tonight because it seems my server isn’t always serving them to you, sorry for any hassle, but wanted to show you certain pics today)

I am now at click 57 in ITB because I realized this blog article couldn’t be written till I updated Faucet Alley!  Eesh!  To complete one task, another has to be completed first.  Kind of feels like the domestic life of a house wife, compute repair tech, or network administrator!  The job’s never done.  Or so it seems.

Since March, I’ve been on the prowl for active, useful ways of spending what I earn.  Contrary to most BTC investors out there, I am actually wanting to use this as a form of currency that benefits my family.  The incredible rise in value over the course of the past year hasn’t hurt the effort either.  At first, I was going to stick with Xapo’s wallet because they have an integrated BTC debit card.  That changed when I discovered they don’t ship to Canada.  I am Canadian, so sadly, Xapo’s usefulness came to a screeching halt in this house!  I continued my faucet earnings, found BTC PTC sites that paid decently and added those to the daily mix, and continued my research.

Eventually push came to shove and I had to do something to keep my HPConnect InstantInk subscription paid up.  That was when I discovered Uquid.  At the time, they had a virtual credit card you could pre-load after sending over BTC to your Uquid wallet.  I sent over half my earnings at the beginning of August and had enough for two month’s payments in USD.  Uquid’s provider suddenly stopped working with them, sending the company scrambling for a new card provider for their customers.  I had to go get a pre-paid gift Mastercard to keep things rolling in the interim as I could no longer use the virtual card.


Continuing my earnings efforts meant earning back what I’d had before August by November 2017.  December would be the moment I’d been waiting for!  Uquid found another provider, AND this time, their physical card shipped to Canada!!! YES!!!  I completed my application for a physical card on December 20th and sent over half my earnings to cover the cost of the card.  Shipping is free BTW!  The Christmas holidays came and went and I sent in a query about the status of the card because it wasn’t showing up on my dashboard.  I sent that on December 30th.  The card arrived January 2nd!  Apparently, while the status had not been updating, the application had been approved and shipping took place during the New Year’s holiday weekend!  I was so surprised when DHL Courier showed up on my doorstep that day!

Going to buy these items with this card

Today however, I got to test the card at a POS terminal at a local thrift store.  My daughter didn’t like the idea of me testing at a gas pump or grocery store, although I intend on using my BTC for that too.  So we went to Value Village and picked up a few items that were on my “to get” list.  I need to replace my cookie sheets, so we found one on the shelf today and grabbed it.  Turns out its insulated! Nice!  I’m also looking for a knitting hoop so I figure out how to knit grass.  If the experiment is a success, I will have a new way to make baskets while I try to reteach myself basket-weaving in general.  Rest assured, there will be blog posts here about that journey as I continue learning how to do things at home to cut costs while living better than if I was spending money I don’t have downtown.  Also found a replacement lid for my medium-sized saucepan.  So it was off to the till.

Screenshot-2018-1-9 Uquid card UQUID

I don’t know if it was the card’s chip, or the card terminal, but the terminal claimed the chip couldn’t be read.  The Uquid card comes with Tap-to-pay enabled, so I tried that instead and the transaction went through flawlessly.  It should be noted that the card’s currency denominations are in USD.  They don’t have CAD in their list of currencies supported for everyday transactions.  This made me curious how my transaction list would look when I got home and logged into my account.

Tap to pay

The transaction was listed as having been successfully completed, but the card balance was higher than I thought it should be.  That’s when I remembered the exchange rate between USD and CAD.  But even with the fee Uquid charges to handle that exchange on the back-end, I was pleasantly surprised to have basically earned on that purchase!  See screenshots for details.

math balance

I earned roughly $1.22 in exchange, fees included, from today’s purchase.  As I click through site 87 on ITB, I am quite happy with that discovery!

Needless to say, I have found a very workable end-to-end system for earning, saving, and spending BTC!  The bigger way to generate the earnings is through InfinityTrafficBoost.  The savings account earning interest is through Freebitco.in, and the spending wallet/pre-load card is over at Uquid.  I invite you to check out the presentation I’ve created showing the steps to engage in to make this all happen for your household.

10 Steps to Financial Freedom

BTC pay to click and ITB will be the better ways to earn going forward.  I am still earning via a quartet of faucets I still keep active, but now I’m only doing it a couple hours or so per day instead of spending all day doing it.   These sites also let you obtain referrals and then reward you for their efforts, so that can speed up your progress exponentially if you are the type to rope in family, friends, coworkers etc.

But I sit here a very happy clicker, techie and single mother as I recount for you the path from nothing to something to spending.  You read that right, I did not spend a single dime on this path!  Not one!  Not even a digital penny went into any of this!  All I’ve invested is my time.  That’s all it can take for you as well, just your time.  So as I click through site 97 on ITB, I will close off the writing portion and start adding my graphics to show you what I’m talking about today.  I’d love to have you join me on this journey!

(PS: Pics are now added as I click through site 117 toward my 12th pool share as a TPO2 advertiser, again, nothing out-of-pocket for what I am doing!)

That Elusive Dream Job Where You Get to Sit Around All Day!

Do almost nothing all dayWhen I was a kid, we used to joke about wanting a job where you could put your feet up on your desk, and get paid almost to do nothing all day. Paper-pushers were seen as having it easy and sometimes someone of my generation to this day will find or create a meme of a secretary playing solitaire with a deck of cards spread out on her desk.

These days, the picture has changed slightly. Young people still think a job where they do almost nothing is preferable to one where you hustle and get worn out at the end of the day. But the picture now has people in hammocks by the beach instead. Pictures of secretaries now have them playing solitaire on their computer screen.

What kind of job can even remotely come close to this type of work? Many scams out there claim you can earn money without putting out any work whatsoever, and if you pay, you can earn even more apparently. But for all the scams out there aiming to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash, sometimes a job comes along that greatly reduces the work required of you. This kind of job is not for everyone mind you.

receptionist jobPeople hard-wired for action need jobs where they are out in the bush, on the construction site, greeting people at the hotel or serving tables in a restaurant. We have to be honest and ask ourselves where we’d be if such people didn’t exist. Who would build the homes we live in? Who would stock the shelves where we shop? Who would ensure gas stations stay open when we go to fuel up? Who would man the banks where we do business? Who would deliver our packages? We need people who love to do these types of jobs and we need them to continue doing these jobs.

But there is another class of people who struggle to do these jobs. They have health issues. Maybe they are physically or mentally impaired in some way. They still need an income above what government disability cheques can give. Many in these groups would love to be independent and not rely on others to pay their bills, but there isn’t a job out there they can do. Many employers still are not sure how to employ someone in a wheelchair, or someone with a speech impediment, or someone with a mental challenge. I cheer every time I hear of an employer making a point to hire such people. A grocery store where I shop has hired several mobility-challenged or mentally-challenged people, and it is a pleasure to do business with them. A department store where I shop occasionally now has a wheel-chair bound mentally-challenged man in their electronics department, and he’s got quite the sense of humour. I enjoy talking with him as I put through my purchase. However, employers like these are few and far between.

Using a computer and the "netI have found a way to make a decent income that only requires general knowledge of how to use a computer, how to behave safely online, and the personal drive to learn anything necessary to get the job done. The actual daily time commitment is only one hour for the individual portion of the job itself. Building a team to help you however, will take the time you choose to give it. The task itself isn’t hard, if not a bit on the boring side. Learning to support a team might be new to some people, but again, it’s not hard to pick up on how to do it. Tools are available to aid in team building and management, track earnings, make withdrawals, etc, and the entire thing can be done with no out-of-pocket expenditures period. It’s even possible to build your team using various free methods of advertising.

So if you spend one hour every day doing the actual job, and perhaps a couple hours a day doing your advertising and team support, you could, if you stick with it, have a decent income within 2 month’s time. The trick is getting past the crowd that wants money for absolutely nothing! They don’t want to put out time, effort, or cash to get where they think they want to go. They also do not want to teach themselves anything and figure others have to do that task for them as well.

I am looking for a minimum of 4 people to join my team and commit to one hour per day. They must be eager to teach themselves new things and not afraid to explore and click around. I’d love to find an experimental team of 20 to 36 people in this group I have described. Those who don’t think they are good at any kind of marketing would be placed in my first row of team members. Those who don’t care for marketing but can do it if push comes to shove would go in the next row, supporting those I placed above them. Those who love to promote stuff and could sell ice cream to an Eskimo (white foreigner to Inuit country) would be placed under the second row. Because you need a team of four people to make this work in 51 days, that’s four under me. Then four under each of those under me. If we stop there, we have 20 people. However, if we go for that third row mentioned earlier, we need 16 more people to place one go-getter under each of the “will market if I have to” people. Those “will market if I have to” people would still need to find 3 other people on their own, but they have a kickstarter under them to help out.

We would start this experimental group as follows:

  • Day One: First four sign up using my affiliate link, get their 8 start-up tasks done with task eight requiring their own affiliate link being given to the four I place under them. They surf their 100 sites.
  • Day Two: Those four sign up under each affiliate they are assigned to. So the first four now each have their own four and help those four get their 8 tasks done, which includes getting their own affiliate links to give to the go-getter I’ve assigned to them. They surf their 100 sites along with myself and row one.
  • Day Three: The go-getters receive their upline’s affiliate url and sign up. They complete their 8 tasks. They surf their 100 sites along with myself and row’s one and two.
  • Day Four: 51 Day count down begins with each of us surfing our 100 sites every single day before midnight at ITB. I believe ITB is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone of the US because the daily rollover is at 9pm my time. I believe they also follow Daylight Savings Time, so midnight changes by one hour in March and then in late October/early November. This is important to note for those who do not observe Daylight Savings Time.

When the 51 Day count down reaches day 30, the snowball suddenly starts rolling, and with TPO packages priced as they are right now, that snowball could actually hit sooner than day 30 of the 51 Day count down. But when that day arrives, a maximum of 21 days later or sooner depending on the pricing of TPO advertising packages, this experiment could net everyone on the team a tidy sum of Bitcoin.

When that sum arrives, you will need a wallet to put it in. 99.9% of the wallets available don’t pay you any interest to store your money there. Whether you have your own wallet on your computer, phone, or a hardware device at home, or whether you use Xapo, coinbase, localbitcoin, etc, online, none of these pay you interest. Your deposit just sits there. One online wallet however DOES pay interest compounded daily on any balance you keep above 30,000 satoshi. Interest is calculated at 4.08% annually. This is your savings account and will continue to have your BTC earned at ITB earn interest until you wish to spend it.

When you are ready to begin spending your BTC, you have various options open to you. The best one is over at Xapo.com. Sign up for a wallet there, deposit double the amount necessary to apply for and have their BTC debit card shipped to your address, and then make your first purchase, bill payment or withdrawal at your local ATM. One note however: Xapo does not ship to Canada and a few other countries. Make sure you look at their list of supported countries to know if you can use their BTC Debit card. If, like myself, you are not in their list of supported countries, check out Wirex, bitpay or Spectrocoin to see if your country is in their lists. If so, follow the same advice to get their card in hand. Even those sites don’t ship to Canada however so I have gone with Uquid.  I applied for their pre-load debit card on December 20th, 2017, it was marked as shipped on December 29th, and it arrived on my doorstep the morning of January 3rd, 2018!  That’s pretty fast processing! It should be noted that these last few options are not true BTC debit cards. Instead, they convert your funds into either USD, Euro, or GBD to use as currency in your corner of the world. For me, that means a 3% exchange fee on each purchase I do with the Uquid card, but it currently is my only option here in Canada. When better options become available to Canadians, I will let people know.
Earn 3.24BTC in JUST 51 Days!So to summarize: I have found the job of everyone’s dreams where you can put your feet up on your desk and do almost nothing for free, spending as little as one hour per day working the ITB earnings system. You must be willing to learn and willing to teach yourself as you explore the ITB system to familiarize yourself with how it works. This job is perfect for those who can’t do the myriad of more labour-intensive jobs that we all need people around us doing. If you need a less intensive job mentally or physically, this is for you. I want to put together an experimental group of 20 to 36 people willing to put this system to the test for 51 days. That’s a minimum one-hour daily commitment until the experiment is completed. When your earnings are ready for withdrawal to your BTC account, use the daily interest account I’ve mentioned above as your savings account. Use Xapo or another service as your active account you will use for daily spending on bills, groceries, etc.

Are you game? Will you be one of those 20 to 36 people I’m looking for? Do you know a group of people who would be game for such an experiment? 51 days is almost 2 months, so you could look at it in a more simplified way to say this is a 2 month one-hour per day commitment. People you know don’t have to be good at marketing either, as I will organize them according to willingness to advertise and promote. I just need a list of names and email addresses to get this ball rolling. If you are game, get in touch with me using this form.  If you use earlier links to sign up first, you will end up directly under me whether you want to be there or not.  If you want to be placed according to how much you do or don’t like marketing, then please send in the form below before signing up.  I will ensure you get the appropriate sign-up link so that you land where you will most benefit.

Please double-check your email address to be sure it has both an @ symbol as well as a period between the domain and the suffix. A comma instead of a period means you won't hear from me. A missing @ symbol also means you won't hear from me.
Love marketingHate marketingWill if I have to and reasonably successful at it
Your answer here will help me fit you in where the 51 Day experiment will do you the most good.