1 Samuel 12: 24 Consider what God has done for you

Songdove Books - Crown Heart

Regular readers of my blog will know that a steady daily devotional time doesn’t always happen.  I went for quite a while judging myself over this until I realized that my daily intake of God’s Word was still happening, just not all in one shot or in the way many …

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April Fools – In God’s eyes, who would the fools be?

Songdove Books - April Fools!

It’s a peeve of mine every year.  I warn those near me not to engage in it or face the consequences.  I’m often seen as a kill-joy as a result, and this post will probably be taken in that vein by those who don’t see a problem with the subject …

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“Stopping Lessons”

Songdove Books - Feb 2015 Stopping Lesson

See there’s this horse, and she doesn’t like to stop.  My daughter’s been training her from “track broke” for over a year now when  training began in February of 2015.  She can walk, trot, canter (needs help with transitioning up to Canter however, and with balancing), go over trot poles, …

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Of Expiry Dates and Saving Money!

Songdove Books - loaf of bread

As already written a few weeks ago now, there is quite a bit of frivolous, high-living-driven wastage going on in Canada because of the materialistic mindset that everything must look perfect or its not worthy of being consumed.  Grocery store chains such as Loblaw’s family of stores are to be …

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“Waste not, want not!”

Songdove Books - scavenger

But many homeless people will tell you that they eat better from the dumpster bins of restaurants and grocery stores than they would have had they been working and earning an income!  Why?  Because modern “civilized” society is not only one of hedonism and excess, but also one of materialism …

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Christian Rock Ruined the Atheist!

Songdove Books - Choir music

From rock music to books, movies to games, the debate occasionally raises its head, “Is it Christian, or just created by a Christian?”  While I’ve seen this question debated more lately surrounding book genres, I’ve seen this discussion around music for many more years than that.  The general consensus is …

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Proverbs 13:23 Much food. . . is destroyed for want of judgement!

Songdove Books - groceriesforkids

Take a moment to read the following news article, then read on for my rather personal thoughts on this matter: http://www.castanet.net/news/Canada/158910/Struggling-to-feed-families I know about this problem all too well!  Because a single parent doesn’t bring in a large income when trying to split their time between being there for their …

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In a Troubled Economy, Do You Know How to Survive?

Songdove Books - Oil Pumps

It’s been an interesting two weeks recently with the various articles suddenly appearing in the news. In general, Canadians are concerned about Canada’s economic outlook now that the NDP have so solidly sunk Alberta! The global price of oil has had a direct impact as well, because for reasons I’ll …

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“Stand Still and Focus on Me!”

Songdove Books - Shadow Cat

If you follow my blog or have read more than one of my books, you’ll know that God regularly speaks to me about focus and rest in Him no matter what is going on around me.  This came up again part way through the morning service as the congregation sat …

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Update on Cashcrate

Songdove Books - First CashCrate Cheque

It was back in July of 2015 when I shared a comparison article between CashCrate and Swagbucks.  At the time, I wasn’t visiting every single day, but I saw potential with CashCrate that I hadn’t seen with Swagbucks.  Here we are now in February of 2016, and I am now …

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