Shoutout to one of my editors!

BookCover6x9_BW_230-frontcoSo it appears that Tuesdays are becoming more regular than Mondays with this weekly blog posting effort.  Mondays have just been too busy lately to maintain the desired regularity.

Efforts on my next book, “Dressed for Eternity” have been going well.  I had four reviewers/editors look over rough draft round 2.  As I began working on returned edits for rough draft round 3, it became abundantly clear that my personal writing nemesis, “it’s versus its” had come back to haunt me in a BIG way!  One editor found most of them, with a second editor locating what she missed.  A third editor gave me such a glowing review that I plan to use it when the book launches in February.

One editor actually does this sort of thing for a living, and asked if I would leave her a review on her business page on Facebook.  This is what I wrote:

As my next book, “Dressed for Eternity” enters what is hopefully the final round of editing by the time Christmas rolls around, I must thank Nat Davis for being part of the team that contributed to the editing process. She was very thorough, going page by page, noting any time my personal nemesis, “it’s versus it’s” showed up, punctuation suggestions, etcetera. Her interest in the book’s subject matter resulted in suggestions, that if followed, would have expanded the book into my second series if not expanding the single book’s page count significantly beyond it’s roughly 300 pages so far.

While we have different perspectives on some of the Biblical doctrines in my book, those differences didn’t stop her from participating in the editing process. As I said to her directly, that takes spiritual maturity.

It is safe to say that she doesn’t merely put her academic prowess to work on editing a book, but her reasoning, intellect, and spiritual understanding as well. The author better know their stuff and better be able to back it up with an editor of Nat’s caliber. In so doing, Nat’s approach challenges the author to write with excellence in all areas; content, presentation, and style.

It was a pleasure working with her, and I recommend her for any editing needs future authors may have.

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