CashCrate Versus Swagbucks!

Back in 2013, while looking for low-stress ways to attempt making an income while trying to begin recovery from adrenal fatigue, I ran across the elusive promise that income could be made by completing surveys for various companies online. I would quickly discover that most companies don’t want to hear from me!

While delving into this, I’d joined a site called Swagbucks where you could play games, watch videos, take surveys, and engage in other activities to earn points toward various gift cards and other items on their site. You needed a $20 minimum before you could cash out and they gave you a signing bonus. Unfortunately for Swagbucks, the fastest way to earn points was through Swagbucks TV as they called it. Basically sit there watching videos all day! I am not into watching videos that much, so I attempted what appeared to be the next fastest method to earn points – playing games such as solitaire, Golf, Majhong, and similar games. They began to put limits on those games, which I and others weren’t happy about. When it took me well over three months to earn that $20, I decided Swagbucks would not be a good source of low-stress income and left. A couple tiffs with management didn’t help my decision to stay.

Songdove Books - Cash CrateTwo years later, I heard about another site that claimed to be run in a similar fashion. This time however, it appears I can actually qualify for the odd survey here and there, and seem to have the potential to earn $1 per day. I found it halfway through June, and including their small signing bonus, I had just over $6 by the end of the month. The first half of July I was too busy in various ways to return to the site, but made $1.80 with two surveys! Compared to my experience with Swagbucks, I have to admit I’m a little pleasantly shocked. The site is called CashCrate, and while it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles and ways to earn points as Swagbucks does, the methods available to earn cash seem more reliable so far. The points system still has me a bit confused and you use points to play games, not play games to earn points. I have that much figured out.

Trial offers and free offers do at times include software downloads, which as usual, I advise against doing because they are generally loaded with ads which isn’t a good thing. They have what they call bonus offers, most of which I don’t qualify for, but I’ve qualified for over $3 worth in the month I’ve been part of the site so far. So that’s not bad really.

One thing I appreciate about CashCrate’s survey system, is that their backend does its best to cycle through as many survey options as it can before finally telling you there are no surveys that match your profile. While this gets tedious and frustrating at times, it’s far less time-consuming than having to find out you don’t qualify, get out of that screen, click onto another screen, and continue the search. The backend does it so much faster! Sometimes a few days can go by where I don’t qualify for anything! Watching the system flip from one survey server to another in my browser’s address bar is a good indicator of just how often companies still don’t want to hear from me. But at least I’m not wasting as much time finding that out.

Similar to Swagbucks, minimum cash out occurs at $20. But if I somehow manage to earn even just $1 per day, that means I could be getting a $20 or $30 cheque every month starting with the month following my initial cash out. As the famous saying goes, every little bit helps.

If you want to join me and see what I’m up to, check out the link below or in my footer at the bottom of the site. I will earn a referral fee when you earn your first $10. I am now $2 away from whoever it was that referred me getting their referral fee, and I’ve only been on the site roughly a month.

My justification for taking consumer surveys and the like, is that unlike government census information that seems to work against me much of the time, telling companies what I think of their products helps to shape what shows up on store shelves. Many drops of water fill the bucket!

So here’s my referral link if you wish to join me: