Update on Cashcrate

Songdove Books - First CashCrate Cheque

It was back in July of 2015 when I shared a comparison article between CashCrate and Swagbucks.  At the time, I wasn’t visiting every single day, but I saw potential with CashCrate that I hadn’t seen with Swagbucks.  Here we are now in February of 2016, and I am now …

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Book Review: Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry

Corine Hyman - Teaching Christ's Children About Feeling Angry

Today Songdove Books joins another blog tour, offering a review of Author, Corine Hyman’s latest Children’s Book: Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry This may be a great children’s book, but the simple and well-presented message is a healthy reminder for us adults as well.  Many Christians either don’t know …

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My Review of CrashPlan Unlimited Backup Service

As a computer repair technician by day, I am a huge proponent of security!  This means paying attention to how users behave online in particular, but it also relates to data security.  It is not uncommon for me to inquire of a business client whether or not they have a …

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Sci-fi Book Tour of the Feline Kind! ~ Space Kitties

Songdove Books Presents: Space Kitties by E. Kaiser WritesElizabeth

Songdove Books Presents: gets to be part of a book tour this week for a very cute compilation of stories! Book Description: “Close your eyes. Imagine kitties were in space. Open your eyes. Read” Light-hearted tales of feline adventure from across the cosmos, by a collection of authors from across …

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Review of “I Choose Hope” by Nikki Abramson

Songdove Books - I Choose Hope - by Nikki Abramson

“I Choose Hope” by Nikki Abramson is an eye-opener to say the least.  This is a story of struggle, a story of frustration, a story of questions without answers, and yet also a story of encouragement, a story of the stabilizing power of faith in Jesus Christ, and a story …

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Review of: Finding Your Way: Stepping Stones to God-Honouring Devotions by Kimberly David

Songdove Books - Finding Your Way - Kimberley David

Kimberly approached me recently, asking if I’d be willing to review her book.  Because my own focus tends to be devotional or spiritual-growth in nature, I gladly accepted and she sent a PDF version of the e-book to facilitate my review. First off, I have to say I love the …

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Review of “Writing in Holiness” by David Bergsland

Writing in Holiness - David Bergsland

As a Christian author determined to write what God drops into her lap, and as a member of the Bride of Christ desirous to live a holy and obedient life of faith, this book was a refreshing read. David preaches the kind of holy living that I wish was heard …

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Review of Distant Fields by Jed Gourley

Distant Fields by Jed Gourley

Distant Fields by Jed Gourley proved to be one of those books, one of those stories that would confirm that God can use anyone regardless of background, if they would surrender completely to Him.  I’ve always enjoyed reading missionary stories such as the Hudson twins to Asia, or of the …

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Review of The Name Quest, by John Avery

John Avery - The Name Quest

This review is in answer to John Avery’s request for reviews on LinkedIn.  He graciously sent me a free paperback copy of his book to facilitate its review.  Thank you John. My first impression as I flipped through the book, was the amazing amount of research that went into it!  …

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“You are twice mine!”

Songdove Books - Toy Boat

Currently, I am reading a book by John Avery entitled, “The Name Quest: Exploring the Names of God to Grow in Faith and Get to Know HIm Better”.  When I am done reading this book, I’ll be putting a review together for John. On page 136, he makes a comment …

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