e-Course Based on “Practical Thoughts on Becoming an Author”

Songdove Books - Practical Thoughts on Becoming an AuthorWelcome to the e-Course based on my book, “Practical Thoughts on Becoming an Author”.

Interested in learning how to break down the barriers to getting your book written and published? This e-course based on the book, "Practical Thoughts on Becoming an Author" is just what you're looking for! Sign up here and let's get started. 😀

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You can expect to receive a new installment in this e-course once per day for 19 days.  You’ll learn ways of capturing your idea for a book, tools that will cost you nothing, or next-to-nothing to help you work with your book’s various stages from creation to editing to preparation for publishing.  You’ll learn about copyrighting your work and the options available to you there, as well as answering questions about ISBN numbers, and even a bit about marketing and promotion to round out the course.

From time to time, new content may be added, so as was stated on the paywall before you got to this page, you’ll have access to this page for 19 days from your date of course payment.

Welcome to the course, and I look forward to your feedback at the end.

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