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Songdove Books - Security CameraSongdove Books, as of January 21st, 2015, must now have a publicly-shared privacy policy in place as a requirement of doing business with Rakuten Affliliate Network, formerly known as Linkshare.  Through RAN and a few other affiliate networks, this website is monetized to assist in the costs of running the site.

How Affiliate Links Work:
Affiliate links such as those you see in the right-hand sidebar on this site, allow you to engage in purchases of goods, services, digital or otherwise, and support your favourite website while doing so.  This is done via special codes tacked onto the end of certain URL’s, as well as by the placement of cookies via your browser’s cookie-handling system.

Should you allow these cookies to remain in place on your computer, any time you visit a website that correlates to a cookie set from my site, any purchase you make within a given time period will be attributed to me, and let me earn a small commission for referring you.

Should you choose not to support my website in this way, a tool such as Ccleaner can assist you in removing all cookies off your system.  Use this tool wisely however, as some browsers still store sensitive information you ask them to save or remember, in cookies, forcing you to re-add that information again in the future.

Information You Choose to Share With Songdove Books Directly:
Information that may be gathered by Songdove Books via this website, includes:

  • your first name,
  • last name,
  • email address,
  • and possibly your website if you wish to share it.

This information is used to:

  • send you the monthly newsletter if you signed for that in the left-hand sidebar,
  • send you e-course content if you signed up for one of the two e-courses,
  • and to facilitate delivery of giveaways or contest prizes typically carried out via the Rafflecopter system.

Your information may also be gathered by Tinypass PayWall in the future to gain access to any paid content on this site.  Your name and email information may also be provided to Songdove Books via Paypal when you purchase books directly from the Songdove Books Store here on this site.  Your name and email as provided via any of the e-course affiliate program links, will also be sent to Songdove Books to facilitate delivery of e-course content.

Songdove Books - Suitcase Combo LockThird-Party Privacy Policies:
Any information you share to Songdove Books for the above purposes will be kept private and NOT sold by Songdove Books to any third-party sources.  Please check the privacy policies of TinyPass, Rafflecopter, RAN and other affiliate networks as well as those sites from which you wish to make purchases, in order to familiarize yourself with their own policies and methods of operation regarding use of your personal information.  Choosing to share your personal information with them is acceptance of their policies, terms and conditions for engaging with their sites.

Songdove Books will not be held liable for how third-parties handle your personal information.

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