Songdove Books Photos for Sale

These photos are taken from around the Okanagan Valley right here in British Columbia Canada.  They are from my own collections ranging from 2003 to present and spanning all four seasons across the years.  They may be used as e-cards, purchased as downloadable images for personal or commercial use (see licensing in download link), and may be purchased as greeting cards, postcards, etc.  In the cards link, click the “more sizes” button to see more available options for each image you may wish to purchase.

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Songdove Books - Holly
Songdove Books – Holly

Songdove Books - Fall water colours
Songdove Books – Fall water colours

Songdove Books - Flowering Tree in Spring
Songdove Books – Flowering Tree in Spring

Songdove Books - Okanagan Tropics
Songdove Books – Okanagan Tropics

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