The Polarization of Faith in Politics!

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I generally stay silent on things related to politics.  I watch, I pray, I wait and see to observe how things go.  My watching and observing are not obsessive and could be considered by some to be almost negligent, but I do pay attention. What bothers me is when I …

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Welcome to the Valentine’s Week Giveaway for “Dressed for Eternity”! Day Five

Songdove Books - Valentine's Week Promotion - Dressed for Eternity

Today’s excerpt from “Dressed for Eternity” does not feature any research over at Hubpages this time. Instead, we look for a few minutes at the subject of Sanctification. Sanctification Let us begin with a bit of a word study. While there are those who consider use of such words as …

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The Multi-passioned Personality!

Multi-passioned. . . what does that mean? For this author, it means being driven by a wide variety of passions.  I am passionate about my faith.  I am a passionate vocal worshipper.  Bring up the subject of the Internet and personal security and you’ll discover another passion there.  Mention affordable …

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