Halt M-103 on February 16th on Parliament Hill in Canada!

Canadian International Cultural Expo 2007

To the honourable MP Iqra Khalid and all other members of parliament; I bring you greetings at a terrible moment in Canadian history. MP Iqra Khalid, Motion M-103 has to be the sneakiest way of bringing Sharia Law into Canada that I’ve seen yet!  A writer for the Vancouver Sun …

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A Conference, Zombies, the World Stage and the Christian – a word from a watchman!

Songdove Books - Flaming Earth

In a dream my daughter shared with me for a second time tonight, she and Isaiah had gone to a youth conference in another town, they went into an auditorium packed full of people.  Much was being said and it was unsettling, but she had not paid attention to what …

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