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The brand new announcement of Facebook rebranding as Meta, has everyone asking what others think about the move. Some think its an effort to escape growing scandal within the company. The founder thinks it’s to better position the company in the growing world of virtual reality spaces.

What do I think of this? A lover of clean sci-fi, the female tech who started her journey finding every “red button” her mid-90’s computer had and then learning to fix what broke, the 12yr old girl writing her first two programs on a Radio Shack Tandy 1000 in the early 80’s in BASIC programming language on the CWorthy operating system as DOS was being released to the public. As a tech for over 20 years, I’ve occasionally seen steps forward by Google, Microsoft, MIT labs, and others into the space often called “virtual reality”. This concept uses a headset that completely seals off your eyesight and ears, from the outside world. Haptic chairs, joysticks, and other devices have been invented to make the simulation even more real. Many of the hardware components were originally invented for flight simulators used to train aircraft pilots, astronauts, etc.

second life screenshotSeparate from, but concurrent with these developments, the online game, SecondLife came on the scene and it wasn’t long before corporations discovered they could do some serious business there and people would actually buy their goods from within the game. Setting up a storefront or office in SecondLife became a viable method of doing ecommerce. Skipping to modern times a moment, a major new real estate company now uses this virtual game-like concept for their realtors to interact with the company, take courses, sit in on seminars, get questions answered, fill out necessary forms, etc.

Back to my quick VR history jaunt, Oculus Rift research and development then reached a stage where it was available for public beta and we began hearing of vertigo, nausea, motion sickness etc as people’s heads told them one thing while their body’s understood another. BUT. . . work in the virtual space carried right along. Facebook would eventually buy out Oculus and delve into the virtual reality space hardcore and that was a few years ago now.

Microsoft and Google have come out with augmented reality glasses which are already in use by police departments in China, by museums here and there around the world, and by gadget geeks who download an app to their phone to see the world in a more HUD manner. A massive art installation under one of the major bridge overpasses in Vancouver BC features digital artwork only visible if you have such a pair of glasses paired with or just the software on your phone (using the phone’s camera). The difference between augmented reality and virtual reality is that one overlays additional information on a heads up display hidden inside glasses that don’t cut you off from the real world, while the other completely immerses you in a digitally-created space very much separated from the real world.

TRON_wallpaper_bluecycleThe concept of doing business and living life so fully contained inside the digital space has been toyed with by movie makers, game makers, etc, but there are those out there, like Zuckerberg, who think the future really is inside the machine. The most popular movie depiction is that of Tron. Tron was way ahead of it’s time in its first release in the 80’s, later updated by the sequel Tron Legacy. I am a huge fan of both of those movies for a variety of reasons, but when I lay those beside the virtual reality aspirations of people such as Gates, Zuckerberg, and others now, there are two thoughts that come to mind:

1) Captive audience! This isn’t just the realm of the SpyKids genre! When you have everyone inside a digital world, and you control that world, you decide what is and isn’t experienced by them and control to some degree how they move through and interact with that world (particularly if it is “open concept”). You are the worldbuilder and set the “laws of nature” for that world. You decide the bounds of the digital world, the limitations, the “path” through it, and the positives and negatives encountered if the world is interacted with appropriately or inappropriately. There are consequences, good and bad, for and against, beneficial and detrimental for those stepping inside this world.

2) Those who are essentially vegetables stuck inside immovable bodies may see this as a major boon to finally feel as if they can move around unhindered, interact like everyone else with everyone else and actually function in society again. You can bet this type of experience will be the driving force to those who are infirm once the push toward commercial interests have successfully brought businesses into this space.

The “meta-verse” is this space! For good or for ill, this is the kind of immersive “SecondLife” if you will, that people such as Bill Gates and Zuckerberg want to encourage full use of.

There is an insidious angle to this however, that one should keep a hidden eye and ear out for however. What do these and other sci-fi storylines all have in common?

Seaquest: Playtime, 1999: Revelation movie, Avatar movies, Matrix movies

If that virtual reality headset is minutely fitted with next-to-invisible electrodes, it will have the capacity to control the user. This has already been explored in such stories as Star Trek Next Gen: Mind Games.

A nurse who put some of a covid vaccine under a micron microscope to observe what happens after the envelope dissolves inside a cell, saw “things” as she put it, moving around that she’d never seen before and these “things” appeared to be arranging themselves into patterns that reminded her of networks akin to the Internet of Things.

A naturopathic doctor uncovered graphene in all major covid vaccines, discusses their destruction of blood vessel and hemoglobin molecules and documents this under darkfield microscope.

grapheneMy own digging into various writings and papers around graphene reveal that at only one atom thick, sheets of graphene are the most electrically-conductive of any other metal at that size. Published research papers say that when warm, and when stacked the right way, these graphene sheets develop electro-magnetic properties as well. (some are saying this is why the vaccine vials have to be kept below a certain temperature before injection) This information is publickly-available knowledge and the naturopathic doctor documenting graphene damage to blood cells, feels this could be used for attempted outside control whether that’s further RNA instructions, etc.

It is also available knowledge that some companies funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, want to see if they can harness graphene to control the vagas nerve. This nerve is one of the most important nerves in the entire human body and one of the interactions it has with other nerves is motor control. So far to date, any effort to manipulate this nerve has led to detrimental results.

It has been a dream of various computer scientists to find ways of permanently connecting the human brain to the computer and/or to the Internet. A computer scientist in the early 2000’s made news when he and his wife implanted chips in the back of their brains that interfaced with the medula oblongata (just above your spinal chord). He had a trip to make to the US and she was home in England. They made history when he was able to send her a message about when he’d be returning home and she received the message. If I remember the news article, she responded with part of their grocery list she was about to pick up from the store and I believe the story had him add an item to her list. The experiment was deemed a success by this researcher.  (note: can’t find a link to the article I’d first read this in)

The question now, relates to the convergence of virtual reality, graphene electro-magnetic behaviour inside the human body, apparent nanobots running around preparing themselves for some sort of IoT connection, and what WEF, The UN, WHO, and others are interchangeably referring to as the Great Reset, or New World Order. The naturopathic doctor mentioned earlier, found a very tiny parasite in the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine and didn’t say much about it as he didn’t have a clue why it was in the vaccine solution. It has been noted in animals, that if a particular parasite gets into their blood stream, it can travel to the brain and make the critter do what it wants or needs done.

Is it really wise then, to a) get the covid vaccine, and b) plug into the “meta-verse”?

Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, Isaac Asimoff and other fiction-oriented sci-fi visionaries have shown us that if it can be dreamed, it can be done. Scientists have figured out how to teleport fruit 2 mm from where they were previously. We’ve had hypodermic needles for several decades now. USB sticks are a thing and scientists have been experimenting with storing data on crystals. Just a handful of the realities originally dreamed up by fictional futuristic worldbuilders.

So if novels, movies and TV shows have been toying with what happens when you trap someone in a game or virtual world, or control them via such means, you can bet researchers and scientists have been working to make that a reality. Implantable/insertable nanobots have become a thing in the past decade as well, some so small they can fit through a needle of a syringe.

I’ve written many times in the technological space that technology is what we make of it for good or bad. In the right hands, the idea of nanobots doing non-invasive scoping maneouvers, microscopic surgery, and delivery of medications sound like great concepts. In the wrong hands, you now have control maniacs delivering dystopian commands to unsuspecting biological robots to do their bidding or be summarily dispatched for disobedience.

The deep and rather pervasive dataset that Facebook has acquired on so much of the world’s online population, is already bothersome enough that various governments have them on the carpet repeatedly. But the fact remains, this dataset was amassed and is now at their fingertips to use as they build their “meta-verse”. In conjunction with other technology either in use or emerging in the computer, Internet, and medical fields, biotech is taking on new meaning and new expression with as yet unknown consequences.

Until the past few years, I had very few misgivings about the world of technology and the many breakthroughs and uses to which it was being put. Nanotech simultaneously weirded me out and fascinated me, but Bill Gates himself was making me squeamish about continuing to work in the Microsoft windows support space, although I wasn’t sure what field I’d go into otherwise for work. I have chosen the world of natural health, which may seem completely contrary to the first half of my life being so technology-driven. But troubleshooting illness isn’t all that different from troubleshooting a computer. Biological processes and computer processes, hardware and software, anatomy and physiology, coupled with mainsteam medical continually brushing off my family and I, pushing us into alternative medicine to treat our conditions ourselves, have all converged to send me halfway through the studies necessary to become a natural health practitioner.

Health tech has taken leaps and bounds in recent years, and unfortunately, it has entered the hands of those who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart. Globalists, depopulationists, environmentalists, wealthy investors, and government string pullers see health tech as a way to control the masses and bring about their dreams of global control. For those who do not comply, health tech will be their demise, at least if you believe those controlling what you see on mainstream media and hear from government representatives and “top” doctors.

Going forward, I will look at new innovations in the world of technology with new apprehensiveness. The technological world that fascinated me from childhood has changed, and not necessarily for the better.

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Shopping to Make a Point! Stand Up for the Oppressed Financially!

I use this blog to talk about saving money, earning money, shopping wisely (at the store and in the wild), etc.  Today I want to talk about using your shopping dollars to send an International message.

I don’t know where the user is from, but with an answer like this when asked where a product is made: “I don’t know and it’s not important. The bags are very good By Hrisi… on July 12, 2021”  Is very troubling.

The helpful answer by another user was: China. It DOES matter where your stuff comes from these days! You don’t send a message to a country’s government by feeding their system!  As the end user/consumer, where you spend your dollars is VERY important right now!  Governments aren’t going to divest even though they call out China’s harsh and genocidal treatment of various ethnicities and religions.  It’s up to us as consumers to send a message that we won’t spend our money where it takes others’ lives and kills their freedoms.

Using a computer and the "netBefore you purchase anything online now, ask where the product you want was made.  On Amazon you get user answers.  On Canadiantire and Homedepot’s website, you might even get the manufacturer’s answer to your question.  If the website you are on doesn’t have a question feature, send the seller an email or fill out their contact form.  BUT however you do it, ASK THE QUESTION:  Where is this made?

One answer I got today on another product was “designed in the US, made in China”.  The manufacturer got it half right.  They just need to get their manufacturing out of China!

It’s amazing how many websites don’t state where something is made or shipped from.  Some say only where it’s shipped from.  As I get further into the POD space, asking companies where their products are sourced from before printing my designs on them is important to me and I made a list of safe and unsafe POD companies to work with.  I found two more the other day and wasn’t happy with either’s response as they dodged the question.  If I don’t want to buy products made in China anymore, I shouldn’t force others to do that either even if my design is printed on it in the US, the UK, Canada, or Thailand.

If enough of us won’t buy products made in China, the sellers of those products will have to source from other countries to maintain business, and this in turn will reduce factory output in China, hurting China in their capitalist endeavours.  I believe capitalism creates healthy competition and offers ladders people can climb to build wealth.  But in China, it doesn’t work that way.  It is used as a heavily-monitored tool to line the government’s pockets.

But enough of us need to care enough to change our shopping habits.  Can I count on you?

Do an Internet search for “not made in China” and you’ll see others are starting to build directories and lists of companies that don’t manufacture in China.  Send the message your government won’t!

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Hashing Adspace and Target Markets. Newsletter-Turned-Blog-Post

Hey Team,

I haven’t sent out a weekly newsletter for awhile now, largely because my team is shrinking, not growing. I want to welcome a new member to InfinityMailerBoost since the weekend, don’t forget to confirm your email address and activate your account to get started. There is a little grey box up top in your dashboard and you need to check off as many of those tasks as you can to position yourself for maximum benefit from the system. You even get an additional 300 ad credits for crossing off all eight startup tasks. No reading emails necessary at that point. I’ve already been paid by IMB once so far, so I can tell you they do pay. Instead of sending this out to just a few people, I am making a blog post out of it instead.

hashing adspaceA paid ad-earning system that I got in on free back in November, is going to be offering free-to-earn options soon. Hashing Adspace is a different pay-to-click service where instead of earning something up to this point, you mint a new coin in the Asimi crypto-token space. This means buying your first Asimi stake to begin the process. If I had to pay my way in, I wouldn’t have joined right off the bat because their help files were horrendous. Video only, as if most of us are still back in preschool and need visuals to help us along. However, they now have an actual helpdesk thanks to zendesk, and it’s quite extensive! I just had to suffer through without it for a few months. I don’t recommend joining sites without a help system built in if you aren’t the type to click around on your own. I am, but I needed assistance with one major task and couldn’t find help for it anywhere that I could read and reread as necessary.

I muddled through and can tell you that the site does pay. (see payments gallery further down) I am now implementing a plan that will hopefully earn me multiple payouts every month starting in May. If all goes well, this site will eventually earn me a monthly salary that will start paying down bills and debts accrued over the past few years due to health and other issues.

One of Hashing Adspace’s latest announcements is as follows:

– Free earrings (View to Earn)
– Free sign up bonuses (details coming soon)
– Free new marketing materials (new capture pages and follow up emails)
– Free lead generation (for those people included in the lead rotator)
– Free Asimi bonus give away! (Daily prizes)

For people who could afford to invest in the Asimi token, their monthly income is already replacing day jobs and paying for university tuitions according to some of their testimonials being shared in these announcements. I hope to add my own testimonial eventually, as a former free beta member.

If you want to login and check out the dashboard, the helpdesk, and other features, use this url here.

Over at SFI, my weekly newsletters have recently been looking at our target market in our promotional efforts. Who are they and where do they hang out? What are they looking for and does your personal brand appeal to that market?

Today we looked at Lesson #27–PERSONAS and how building a persona of your target market is different than merely using keywords. Now don’t toss out keywords with the bath water, they are still a valid method for tracking down where your target market is hanging out and who is responding to your keywords. Keywords you use for placement in the search engines can be turned into hashtags for use on social media. I see them as helping you figure out who that persona is that you are trying to reach.

Keyword tracking is the tool that helps you in this scenario. Google Analytics, or Bing’s webmaster tools both give you analytics that let you see countries, languages, browser types, length of stay, etc. So if you are finding that your keywords seem to get the most clicks from a particular country, that helps in building the persona of the person you are trying to reach. They are likely to be from that country. That greatly narrows down the data you need to gather next on who your persona is. What do people in that country value? What do they need? What are their aspirations? Do any of the answers to these questions line up with your personal brand? Can you offer what those people long for?

I know I’ve mentioned keyword tracking before, but I had to bring it up again, largely because this is one of those bits of marketing prep that I fail at badly. One of the reasons for that is busyness at my offline end. As a single mother, you don’t always have the time to sit down and really study who you are trying to reach. You’re playing Mom’s Taxi, doing housework, trying to work to pay the bills, buying groceries, etc. Then if your health isn’t the best, that eats into time you could spend studying your target market too. One thing with these traffic exchanges, email safelists and ad viewing earning sites, is that the target market for those is already using these services too. Advertisers for anything from baby care to essential oils to crowdfundraisers to brand new social networks are all trying to get word out. You have what they need right here, with the added bonus that they will be paid for their time spent at these sites as opposed to others they could be and perhaps are already using.

For example, I now have a large single monitor instead of two smaller ones. The two smaller ones died within months of each other. This one is so big it doesn’t fit into the cubby designed for the monitor on my computer desk, so it sits on the armoire’s arm instead. BUT. . . I’ve discovered that on Windows, Start/left or Start/right will snap a window to either the left half or the right half of the screen. So now I have two browsers open, each snapped to the left or right side. Most of my paid-to-use sites are in one browser, while most of the non-paid to-use sites are in the other. I say most, because there are a couple where I have them in the non-paid-to-use browser because of the next paragraph here.

To make sure I get paid for the time I spend marketing and promoting, I will open a paid site in one browser and a non paid in the other, at the same time. I will click back and forth, ensuring that almost every click in the non-paid is matched by a paid click in the paid side. So I match InfinityMailerBoost, BTC Clicks, and CoinBulb on the paid side, with Easyhits4U on the non-paid side. I match with Mega-50 or #1EasyBitCoin on the non-paid side (#1EasyBitCoin is a TE only offering a BTC contest, not actually paid for clicks). I pair AdBTC with Pangea, and AdFeedz with FreeAdvertisingForYou. I’ve been paid once by IMB, 9 times by BTC Clicks, 3 times by CoinBulb, 1 time by AdFeedz, 1 time by AdBTC and I keep InfinityTrafficBoost on the non-paid side because while I earn there (and been paid 3 times now), I check emails, do banking, surf social networks etc while clicking through ITB for the day. Hashing Adspace is also on the non-paid side because there is nothing to pair just a few clicks with. Of all of these sites, Hashing Adspace has the fastest potential to a decent monthly income that is ongoing.

Arranging the monitor for two browsers like this means wiser use of my time than just one browser. I’ve been paid 3 times now by CryptoTabBrowser and use it for most of my social networking, job-related, and paid-to-earn sites, as well as for most of my research. They’ve tweaked their mining algorithms and it appears I am now earning close to 100 satoshi per day in that browser, on an aging computer. I’d imagine newer machines could earn faster. But the fact I can mine and still find the browser working better than Firefox on this aging box, has sold me permanently on the new browser. it definitely is my primary browser now.

Be Careful You Don’t Get Cut by Bleeding-Edge Technology!

I’ve always known that if you are going to get in on the bleeding-edge of something, there’s a high chance you’re going to get bit. As a computer repair tech, I’ve always advised against going with the latest and greatest of anything until at least 6 months into the existence of the thing so as to allow for any major bugs to be worked out of the system, required initial patches rolled into the product, etc. People who have ignored that advice often speak of trouble connecting to peripherals, or losing data, or suddenly can’t use a favourite program or some other productivity-halting complaint. It might be the latest smartphone, the latest OS upgrade, a new laptop with an unfamiliar operating system, etc.

Most of the time I am pretty good about abiding by my own advice. Partly due to household finances, but largely due to my general aversion to risk-taking and wanting to be sure that any move forward is always sure-footed. I like to know what I’m getting myself into before I go there, and that it is largely stable. But in the Fall of 2019, I found myself joining beta-testing for three different online initiatives. Of those three, one got me so frustrated I nearly gave up on it. The bulk of that frustration dealt with the lack of a support system outside of purely video content. I don’t watch TV. I rarely go to the movies. I rarely throw in a DVD at home, as in perhaps once a year, sometimes not even that. If I watch anything on YouTube, it won’t be because I went to the site to watch something on purpose. It will generally be because I was on another site with a video embedded, such as Facebook, the local news website, the national news website, etc. I don’t even watch the news online, I read it. Videos on these particular sites are often the cute kind that I watch, dolphins using a puffer fish as a ball to play with, cats curling up under a dog’s nose, a 3yr old drumming with an orchestra, that kind of thing. So yeah, the fact that one of these three sites was so heavily loaded down with nothing but video content in their help area nearly sent me packing when I really, really, really needed some informational tidbits and couldn’t find them anywhere in text! Did I feel bit??? You better believe I did! Now I’m pretty good at figuring my way around things. I teach people to give themselves self-guided tours of websites they wish to use before they actually use it, so they learn where everything is and what it does. Eventually I figured out what I needed to do, and eventually found help files for the second half of a very important task. But I had such a bad taste in my mouth with the lack of readable assistance that I very nearly hung up on this one.

The first beta test I joined back in the Fall, was for a new social network called Webtalk. Webtalk is kind of a coded-from-the-ground-up mash-up between LinkedIn and Facebook, with a touch of Slack thrown in for good measure. Being a beta-tester there meant occasionally reporting bugs or unexpectedly-missing features to the official business page on Facebook. There is still one feature missing that I am hoping they will implement, but the last time I inquired, other things were taking priority over that one. They are hoping to come out of beta soon, the original date being sometime in March of 2019. Joining is by invitation only until they come out of beta. Users of this social network will be able to earn from ads viewed while sharing data, they will be able to maintain both personal and professional contact lists, sort those lists when creating new posts, and more. The timeline and list of future features is long and some are even patent-pending.

AdFeedz Profile BannerThe second beta test I joined was over at AdFeedz. Similar to InfinityTrafficBoost, InfinityMailerBoost, AdBTC, and EasyHits4U, AdFeedz is all these things rolled into one with 6 ways to earn an income while advertising your own site(s). I’ve been paid once by these guys already, and we’ll see how long it takes for the second payment to accumulate.

hashing adspaceThe third beta test I joined, and the one that very nearly sent me packing, is Hashing Ad Space. This site mashes together advertising earnings with minting a cryptocurrency called Asimi. Asimi trades on the Wave DEX, and the last time I looked, it was around $2.50+ give or take. You can check the DEX to see where it’s trading now. As a beta tester, I got in on minting Asimi by viewing ads, for free. I was also able to become a sales affiliate for free as well. Asimi earned during the beta period could not be cashed out, so I used it to claim an Asimi stake. Staking Asimi decides how many ads you can view per day, as well as roughly how many Asimi you’ll earn per day based on those ad views. For 24 days after Hashing Ad Space left beta testing and went live, I was earning from 2 ad views each day, one being the free stake while in beta, the other being the stake I purchased with the Asimi I’d earned during beta.

Compared to other advertising sites listed so far, viewing a single ad on Hashing Ad Space earns much faster, because you aren’t “earning” per se, you are “minting”. Because Asimi is an in-house token for H.A.S., it isn’t useful to you until you exchange it on the Wave DEX into a currency you can use elsewhere. The value of Asimi therefore, is stated either in BTC on your HAS dashboard, or in USD in your HAS wallet. The Wave DEX lets you sell your Asimi for any other type of coin or token however, so you can view the index to see what a single Asimi is going for in whatever currency you prefer.

The day came near the end of February when I wanted to do a test of the cashout system. I hadn’t had a chance to do this during beta, so it took the period of having 2 ad views per day before I could test this feature. This was where I ran into the lack of anything written down that I couldn’t quickly figure out on my own. Two days later, and a fair bit of frustrated correspondence with my upline, I finally got the withdrawal made into the Wave DEX, the exchange done into BTC, and the BTC sent to the wallet I prefer to use (because it earns me interest). During this time, I was so certain I was ready to throw in the towel, that I didn’t mint for a day. I thought it was a couple days, but my graph only shows one day’s minting missing during that troublesome few days.

A few days after that scenario, word came down from the site owner that a support system was in the works and should launch Monday March 4th. Monday was a busy flurry of household activity so I didn’t get a chance to check for the new support system until today, March 5th. HAS has set themselves up with Zendesk, and have a very nice text-based support system now! Plenty of graphics are included to guide people along who need a more visual cue added to the text. This means that those who prefer to watch videos can. Those who prefer to read can, and those who need the instructional screenshots, can have those too.

Whew!!! Oh my word! This computer repair support tech can finally tell you about a system that finally has decent support built into it! There is one benefit to me getting bit by that problem instead of you. While I had to proverbially apply bandaids to the cuts sustained on the bleeding edge of this particular bit of technology, you don’t have to. Barging trails as a kid meant I got the thorns in my sleeves while those behind received fewer to none of them. The same applies here.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t give you this breakthrough until AFTER HAS left beta. This means if you want to join me in minting Asimi with just a few ads per day, you need to purchase Asimi stakes using your own money to begin with. You’ll need a Wave DEX account, install the desktop app so you have access to the support website from the info area under the gear in case you need assistance using the interface, and you’ll need to fund your country’s currency into that asset in your Wave account. From there you can buy a Wave token or two to handle Wave transactions. After that, you can trade for enough Asimi to purchase one or more Asimi stakes. Each stake right now is just under 56 Asimi. When you create your HAS account and click on Asimi Stake, you will get a more exact count of how many Asimi you need to purchase for one stake. Go back to your Wave account and trade for that amount. Return to your HAS wallet and fund it with your Asimi from Wave. Go to the Asimi Stake tab and purchase the stake(s) you want.

After those steps are completed however, you can put a plan together that has the potential to earn you a decent income minting Ads on HAS. The best part of your plan will include the fact that your initial out-of-pocket expense has been reduced to mere transaction fees now over at Wave, and no further fiat currency needs to be used going forward. In fact, further Wave tokens can now be purchased with Asimi, just be sure you still have Wave token bits available to handle the transaction fee for that.

My own plan is to earn enough for another stake and purchase that, then earn enough for minimum cashout. Then earn enough for a third stake, then earn enough for minimum cashout. I plan to repeat this cycle until I am earning roughly $100 USD per day in Asimi, and depending on how things are going at that time, I may continue the “purchase, then cash out” cycle. There is a contest going right now for anyone who can get themselves up to 25 Asimi Stakes. The first group to get there will win the contest. If you are reading this later in the year, that contest may be over by now. You’ll have to check if other contests are going.

As noted earlier, I generally don’t get into bleeding-edge situations, but I did with this one. I think if support stayed solely with nothing but video content, I would have had strong thoughts about walking away, because I can’t promote something I can’t support. Either that, or I would have begun doing what my upline was doing, which was writing out his own written help files.

What I can say about Hashing AdSpace, is that they are definitely paying. They deliver what they say they will, and I have my payment proof to prove it. Stars denote dates and times, and where the Wave title is on the dark theme of the desktop app. Now that I have a better idea of what I’m doing when it comes to cashing out, those dates and times should be closer together in the future.

hashing adspace payment proof

Commercial hair care product

Feeding Your Skin, Your Hair and Your Health

Ashtree WildcraftingAnother season of foraging is just around the corner.  With only three ingredients remaining in the list of wild plants we wish to sell in our wild-crafted tea blends over at Ashtree Wildcrafting, we are already thinking of how we will continue to bring locally foraged, wildcrafted loose leaf tea to market.  At worst, we will be stuck with craft fairs and online.  At best, we will earn enough to purchase business licenses and get our products into local stores.

With organic and non-GMO being the current fads out there, sometimes claims cross my screen that haven’t been thought through too well.  For example, a new hair care company is claiming that you take care what you feed your body, now do the same for your hair.  The only issue with that statement however, is that by feeding your body correctly, you are, by extension, also feeding your hair by giving it the nutrients it needs to grow.  Perhaps I am one of the few people out there who have noticed that anytime I start eating better, my hair gets thicker and longer, faster.  Less stress also helps the hair grow better while more stress causes me to start losing hair.  Needless to say, with how stressful 2018 was for the latter half, I am currently relieved that my hair is on another thicken-and-grow stage with very little being lost to the brush now.

Can you feed your hair with shampoo and hair care products?  Most hair care products are unnecessary and contain chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your body.  Those ingredient lists are almost too tiny to read on purpose, and when you can read them, many of the ingredients are on the banned-but-allowed-under-a-certain-threshold list on the Canadian government website.  It has been the experience of my daughter and I, that making our own shampoo and conditioner eventually reduced to shampoo and an Argan oil blend as needed.  The oils and the castille soap are purchased at the store.  However, we infuse the water with a blend of herbs that we’ve harvested from the forest and meadow.  These herbs treat the scalp more than they treat the hair, which is necessary due to my daughter’s flaky skin issue on her head.  Nettle for example, does almost as good a job as Head and Shoulders in treating dandruff.  The high Vitamin E content of the Argan oil blend feeds the skin directly as well.  Mint, Dandelion, and Burdock have anti-inflammatory properties that calm the scalp as well.  The recipe we use calls for a tiny bit of olive or jojoba oil, so we infused some olive oil with a similar mix of herbs, swapping out the mint for plantain.

These herbs help the skin of the scalp to function better, resulting in healthier roots for our hair.  Researching shampoos and conditioners led us to believe that it would roughly a month before our hair stopped looking limp and oily all the time.  For us it was the better part of 6 months to get past that phase depending on the season of the year (seasonal changes can result in brief bouts of ongoing oiliness), and another year and a half before we both began noticing our hair getting thicker, healthier and longer.

It is important to remember that once your hair leaves the skin and flops around on your head, the part you brush and wash is actually dead.  The roots in the skin follicles are what you are feeding whether directly through the skin itself, or via your diet and lifestyle.  Having said that, Plantain and Burdock aid in darkening your hair colour, while Dandelion aids in lightening it.  Needless to say, the streaks my daughter gets in the summertime don’t go away half as quickly, and her un-died balayage treatment in the lower half of her hair sticks around throughout the year now.

Two-thirds of the way through our first year or so of making our own shampoos and conditioners, we began to discover we didn’t need the conditioner as often.  For the past year we haven’t used any conditioner save for the occasional squirt of Argan oil rubbed between our hands to touch up the ends of our hair or a squirt along the part on top to keep the skin from drying out.  This has led us to another conclusion, that the hair-care industry has largely manufactured its own market.

Curly-wavy hairStudying the origins of hair care as we know it in the modern-day, led us to discover that the lie was perpetrated that your hair was greasy and needed cleansing.  That was followed up by, your hair is brittle and too wispy, and full of knots, tame it with conditioner.  The shampoos that were made commercially were responsible for the brittleness and the development of knots.  Both my daughter and I have long hair by today’s standards, and neither of us are using conditioner now, even of our own making almost 3 years later.

One of the things that you will be taught if you take a marketing course, webinar, or spend time educating yourself on the topic via articles, books, etc, is that if you have a product for which there is no existing market, create it!  You create your market by creating the problem that your product will fix.  You then tell people they have this problem and that you have the solution for it.

This wasn’t just done with shampoo and conditioner early on, it was also done with deodorant and antiperspirant.  As those have aluminum in them, we are now finally experimenting with homemade deodorants that will replace the commercial brands.  A few years ago, I began only applying the commercial stuff a couple times a week because what I was buying had long periods of active behaviour.  The latest commercial antiperspirant in my drawer says it will last up to 90 hours!!!  It’s also motion-activated, so I would apply it on Monday and find myself fighting with the soap to get it off on Thursday before I shaved or it would gum up the razor.  However, even with the slowed pace of application, I am having to use a Ph-rebalance solution first, because the deodorant we made was causing me to rash out.  This rashing is normal when moving from chemicals to natural, but the Ph-rebalancer aids in the transition, and is to be used anytime the homemade deodorant causes rashing in the future.  Homemade deodorant has baking soda if you can’t afford Bentonyte clay.  Some recipes combine the two, or use corn starch.  Ours uses corn starch and baking soda to reduce the environment necessary for bacteria to grow, but because baking soda does this via its alkaline nature, the need to rebalance your skin’s PH balance will crop up from time to time.  My son and I are having to start with the rebalancer.  One source said that for some people, that’s all they will ever need.  We’ll see how this experiment goes.  The skin’s pores need to a) unclog from years of being deliberately clogged, and b) calm down and not work has hard as they used to, to do the same job of removing impurities from the body.

But the point is that in an effort to create markets and sales for products we never needed, companies have created problems we didn’t know we had and have sold us the solution.  We only make lifestyle changes in this house when it fits within our budget to do so.  As we’ve noted in the past, we are saving quite a bit of money not buying commercial hair care products, toothpaste, and now deodorant.  We do buy the castille soap, our carrier oils that fit our budget, the baking soda, etc.  But we forage for the herbs we put into these products.

Overall, we are healthier for the changes we’ve made, including our hair.

Tis the Season for Payouts! While Others Pay, I AM Paid!

Tell someone that you are getting paid to view advertisements and they look at you strange!  You know, like you should go back to that hole you crawled out of, take another nap, and perhaps wake up a “normal” person again.  Many of these same people however, will pay without thinking twice to see ads on TV and in their favourite newspaper or magazine.  If their favourite newspaper or magazine went online and installed a paywall, they gladly pay for continued access to their preferred publication, ads and all.

These same people take part in social networks, forums, and other online social sites where advertisers make money from targeting users by how they interact on the site.  Do the users ever see a dime of that money?  Do they ever get compensated for contributing to the demographic data that got the advertiser their sale??? NO!  But they will waste no time scoffing at anyone who thinks they can cash in on the bounty.

Well, I wanted to give an update on the income trickle I have going all by my little self right now.  That’s another thing people scoff at, and I have to admit, at one time I was in this group of scoffers myself.  The real estate franchise owner would make no money if realtors, who get paid commission only, weren’t selling houses.  The owner of the car dealership would make no money if his salesmen, who are only paid commission, weren’t selling cars.  Your local grocery store would not make any sales if they didn’t have staff opening doors, stocking shelves, and customers buying during business hours.  I actually saw someone scoff that the only way money was being made in one company was because of relying on others to make sales. . . Hmmm. . . run that by me again???

You see, advertisers are businesses, corporations, non=profit organizations, causes, cottage industry and home-based businesses all trying to reach those who want their offerings.  They are taught in marketing courses to go where their target market hangs out and purchase advertising there.  The concept of banner advertising on traditional-styled websites is just so much noise now on the page.  People don’t complain about it unless it gets too “in their face”, but neither do they interact much unless the ad is touting something they were searching for on Google Amazon or Facebook just minutes or hours earlier.  This type of ad-tracking is done via cookies.

So if banner advertising has become so ubiquitous that people don’t pay it much mind anymore, how else do they get word out about their offering?  They turn to online versions of old offline standby’s.  The unaddressed ad mail that now tends to hit the recycling bin before it hits the house has been respawned online as the safelist/viral mailer.  The difference?  People actually sign up to receive these emails so that they in turn can send out emails of their own.  It’s a captive audience, although similar to unaddressed ad mail, if your subject line fails to grab attention, it can be good money after bad if you purchased an ad pack to do the sending.

But the thing is, people DO buy these ad packages.  The visual noise of ads in the magazine has respawned online in the form of traffic exchanges where people choose to sign up to view these ads in exchange for their own ad being viewed by others.  It’s a bit of a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”.  Again, ad packages can be purchased and such packages are advantageous to those who don’t have time to sit there scrolling through ad after ad to earn the credits to send out their message.

The theme across all these various advertising iterations, is the concept of real human beings.  Google has occasionally suffered terrible bouts of click-fraud on the adword ads on their search engine.  Safelist/viral mailers and Traffic exchanges suffer from programmed bots to do the clicking for people as well, but captchas are put in place to reduce the abuse of the system, making it quite viable for most people using these services.

When an ad or an email crosses a person’s desk who happens to be looking for the product being offered, that advertiser has gained a customer.  They’ve made a sale.  There are literally 100’s of these sites around the ‘net, and most of them are similar to your offline advertising in that they don’t pay anyone for the time they spend viewing or sending their advertising.

I am happy to say however, that sites are coming along who pay you for the ads you click and the emails you open.  Even browsers are starting to get in on the act with paying you for your time by installing tiny miners to make your device pay for itself finally.

One of the sites where I click ads to earn a penny or two, is BTCClicks:

2019-01-24 payment proof BTCClicks

BTCClicks pays a certain number of satoshi with every ad you click.  Most of the time this earns you at least 100 satoshi per day, with payout at 10,000 satoshi.  As you can see in the screenshot to the left here, BTCClicks has paid me a number of times now.  The ads I click are paid for by other members who have bought ad packages at BTCClicks.  As a free surfer, I get paid to view those ads.


coinbulb payment proofsCoinbulb is similar to BTCClicks, but up until Fall 2018, they had fewer ads on their system.  Their ads were generally higher-paying, but because they were fewer, it took a long time to get my first payout.  Since Fall 2018 however, they’ve added to their site and you’ll notice the second payout came much faster!

A traffic exchange I joined in August 2017, InfinityTrafficBoost, has paid me three times now as of February 2019.  They offer 11 different ad packages aimed at the desired number of views an advertiser wants for their product or service.  Payouts for them seem to be getting closer together as well.  Click the link above to see three different payout screenshots. 2 payment proof

Similar to BTCClicks and Coinbulb, came on the scene offering a plugin for your browser that would let you earn by surfing ads on their site.  They’ve paid me twice so far, and probably would have paid me again already if I was more dedicated to clicking the ads in their list.

I am doing a fair bit of my earned ad viewing now on a browser that honestly makes my 12yr old system work so much faster online!  That browser is CryptoTabBrowser, and it is a version of Chrome that has been optimized to be up to 8x 10x faster (as of April 2019) than Chrome itself while also mining in an open tab on your computer, using CPU power rather than the GPU resources typically used by mining farms.  CryptoTabBrowser’s cashout is at a mere 1000 satoshi, and so far takes not quite two months is speeding up as they make improvements as you’ll see in this screenshot.

I’ve been paid once so far from AdFeedz, and thanks to getting in while it was free to do so, I’ve been paid once by HashingAdSpace too, just waiting on that payment to go through as I type this. HashingAdSpace breaks the train in this thread, as going forward as of March 1/19, no one earns for free, you have to buy ad stakes to do any earning. EDIT:  Currently, a single Asimi stake will cost roughly $125 USD as of March 4/19.  However, that stakes lasts a year, and your funds will be “earned back” 6 months or less, depending on how your daily ad minting goes, and whether or not you reinvest your earned Asimi to earn funds faster.

It’s been a great week starting the beginning of March 2019, as several of these payment proofs show cashouts all since the previous week.  My wallet over at is seeing regular increases in the daily interest my balance is accumulating!  If you need a legitimate BTC wallet that honestly earns you interest, head over to Freebitco and get your deposit address.  Put that address into every payment system you get cashouts from and after you’ve accumulated 30,000 satoshi, you’ll start to see interest accrue.  No need to play any of the games there or even to use the faucet on the main page.  Just use the wallet for your sending and receiving.  When you need to spend your BTC, check out this incomplete list for ways you can use your cryptocurrency as currency!

I spend anywhere from 2 to 4hrs per day at these sites, pairing the free-to-surf sites with non-earning advertising sites so that my time spent advertising my business and such is earned by other sites that pay me.  Imagine what those payment proofs would look like if my scoffers were workers instead?

AdFeedz - New Paying Traffic Exchange

AdFeedz Review from Songdove’s Viewpoint

(Note: Article contains affiliate/referral links, and title provided by AdFeedz to comply with review guidelines)

Have you ever used a traffic exchange that let you add as many website URL’s as you wanted? What about a mailer that let you send emails to however many people you had available ad credits for, no minimum? How many free ad services out there let you put up a login page full-page ad without paying for an ad pack first?

Now add in presentation features such as those found on 1popeasy and AdBTC, and throw in an earning system reminiscent of InfinityTrafficBoost but with significant differences, and you have a brand new traffic exchange system that just launched November 16th 2018.

Currently, surfing or reading until you have 10 points (1 for every 10 sites or emails surfed/read) earns you as little as 3 cents USD to 7 or 9 or even 15 occasionally. Payment however, is offered via BTC if you prefer once you reach $10 minimum cashout. At the moment, you can take advantage of an introductory bonus offer that will potentially give you up to $2.50 just for following the tutorials around the site via the purple bar on your dashboard. Everyone can earn even if you don’t build a team of surfers under you. The surfer’s pool is open to everyone. In the month since I joined, I’ve earned $1.61 myself, and a total of $3.14 overall. I didn’t complete the tutorials as that meant purchasing an ad pack, so I only received $1.50 of the introductory bonus.

AdFeedz restart buttonsOne major difference between AdFeedz and other services linked above, is that when you run out of ad credits, your URL’s are paused until you click the green arrow to enable them again. This means that after every surfing session, you need to check your various listings to re-enable them manually. I give Traffic Exchanges 100 sites per day if I have the time to do so each day. This earns me anywhere from 100 to 500 ad credits depending on which surfing option I choose: frame/tab/reading, and how many ads are available in each option.

Surfing ads via frame earns a single ad credit for every site surfed. Surfing via tabs earns 2 credits for every site surfed. Reading the text offers earns a whopping 25 ad credits for each text entry viewed. This kind of makes AdFeedz both a traffic exchange and safelist in-site mailer all-in-one. The only other “all-in-one” site that I currently recommend is FreeAdvertisingForYou, but while they have a ton of advertising options, they don’t pay you to surf. AdFeedz does.

AdFeedz is also not staying static. Since I began to write this blog article, they’ve already added more features, including a cash-links feature where you can earn without also earning ad credits. So if your focus is about earning and not promoting anything, you can do that too.

one month anniversaryIt’s only one month since I joined, but so far the system is easy to use and unique in its presentation. We’ll have to see how long it takes to cash out. If you want to cash out sooner and earn from building a team under you, you also need to purchase ad contracts as they call them. These purchases open up several other group-style earning opportunities on the site, including commissions earnings.

If you’re looking for another advertising platform that pays you to use it, this is definitely one to check out.

Review of Services That Pay You For Your Time – and a new kid on the block

numbers money calculating calculationGetting paid for the time I spend online has been a wish of mine for several years now. It is FINALLy a reality! Let me count the ways:

1) InfinityTrafficBoost: This is a traffic exchange that lets you have one website URL, several banner ads and several text ads as a free member. For every 4 sites you surf, you earn a full credit for someone else to see your site. You also earn a surfer reward pool share for every 10 sites you surf. This share gets used to calculate your earnings at midnight every day.

2) InfinityMailerBoost: This is a safelist mailer with a difference. Credits you earn are calculated so that half the credits you have, are used to send to the number of members you wish to send to. A full credit is earned for every four emails you open and click through. You earn a mailer pool share for every 10 emails you open and click through. If you want your email to show up in the site’s “read messages” area and not merely in people’s inboxes, you need to send above a certain amount. This amount changes occasionally with site activity.

This means I can do free credit-based marketing AND get paid for it! Cool!

CryptoTab Browser3) CryptoBrowser: My 12yr old computer can finally start earning it’s keep while I surf online regardless if I’m fixing a remote computer or dong social media or reading the news or checking on balances. My 12yr old system doesn’t earn me much, but it’s something it’s elderly cycles can now contribute.

4) Webtalk: My time spent on social media will finally pay me for the data I volunteer by using the site. This is supposed to happen over at FuturePro where I used to be a member, but the social media portion of their online web presence needs so much work I could no longer promote the social media side of the business. When my account was hacked, there was no easy way to change my password or security settings either, and I don’t think I received any assistance from the attempt at contacting technical support. Needless to say, I am no longer promoting them as a way to be paid for your time on social networks. I want my recommendations to be useful, reachable, and safe. I am able to say that with Webtalk, so I am trying to move my contacts over there.

I’ve been part of webtalk for roughly a month now. I’ve been using the CryptoBrowser since late August, but wiped out my earnings due to forgetting to log in. Don’t forget to log in to save your earnings! I’ve been a member of InfinityMailerBoost since May and am looking forward to being paid for the first time soon. Hopefully before Christmas. I’ve been a member of InfinityTrafficBoost since a year ago August and could have been paid 3 times, but so far have been paid twice instead, as I’d been allowing the system to purchase ad packs on my behalf to begin with.

My earnings don’t just sit around doing nothing either. I send BTC earnings over to Freebitco so that they will earn me daily compounded interest. They pay 4.08% annual interest. You don’t have to be a gambler to use the deposit feature. If that’s the only aspect of the site you use, that’s fine. I am not a gambler either. If you play the faucet on the main page, you do earn reward points that you can cash in on various bonuses, or even gear if you accumulate enough.

I now try to time various tasks on the computer so that I have an earnings page open on one screen with unpaid activities occurring on another screen. This way, my time spent online is renumerated in some fashion.

Free 1000 Advertising Credits Plus $2.5 in Cash Bonuses.A new traffic exchange has entered the ad credit/pay you for surfing, space. This site will pay you via BTC, Payoneer, or SolidPay, so you are shown your earnings in dollar value, not BTC. It appears they stole some of their ideas from InfinityTrafficBoost, but are unique enough that the co-founder of ITB is endorsing it himself! This site is called AdFeedz!

Similar to ITB, you earn one point for every 10 sites you surf. Those points are used to calculate your share of the surfing pool which is paid out at midnight. Whereever this site’s server is, midnight for them is 4pm for me. Midnight for ITB is 9pm for me. Unlike ITB, Adfeedz gives you a 5-to-1 surfing ratio so that your site gets seen for every 5 credits you earn while surfing. You earn a full credit for every site you surf. Also unlike ITB, you can have any number of website URL’s, banners, and text ads as a free member. They offer a site rotator, but as a free member you are only allowed to create one rotator. Premium members can create more. Currently, they have a new sign-up bonus of up to $2.50 that you claim by walking through their guided tour. I am stuck on their stop on tour where they teach about earning from team groups. But to claim that portion of the bonus, I have to purchase an ad contract first. Otherwise, I earned $1.10 going through their guided tour to that point. I have since earned another $0.087 cents surfing roughly 116 pages. Just like ITB, the amount you earn per point varies depending on member interaction with the site.

I am so glad, and relieved that I am finally locating services that let me get paid for the time I spend doing various things online. I hope this list is helpful for you too, knowing that you don’t have to be wasting valuable time getting stuff done online when you can now be paid for it instead.

Income for Nothing: The Myth vs Reality

When it comes to sources of income that you don’t have to lift a finger for, 99.9% of them don’t work. None of the remaining sources provide a livable wage when engaged in alone, and extremely few actually follow through on their effortless promise.

Among those extreme few are the following three BTC earning methods:

If you have no BTC and want to earn it slowly but surely with no effort on your part, begin with either or both of these first two:

QoinPro will let you earn a tiny amount of BTC as well as a number of other digital coin, every day with no effort on your part. They went down for a few months due to a drastic redesign and a new app they were building for your phone. But they are back up now and those of us with prior accounts still have them, and our referral links still work. :-D

Earnings since signing up a year ago August 2017:QoinPro Earnings

Using this browser, you can surf faster than Chrome itself, while making your PC or laptop earn its keep. On my 12yr old Windows PC, this particular browser actually works better than either Firefox or Opera and those two already work better than Chrome on my system.

Earnings since installing in August:CryptoTabBrowser Earnings

NOTE: These earnings were wiped out after an extended period of time where I was not logged in with my gmail acct due to recaptcha issues needing me to delete cookies all the time. When I installed the new mobile browser for CTB and then logged in, my earnings disappeared so I am starting over. We’ll see if a support ticket brings back the above earnings or not. Just like syncing your phone with Outlook, there is a right and wrong way to do it without wiping out your contacts. In my case, I think I wiped out prior earnings. 
If you already have a bit of BTC in a wallet gathering dust somewhere, and it totals at least 30,000 satoshi or more, transfer it to your very own wallet at and earn daily interest on your BTC savings! I’m at roughly 50,000 satoshi at the time of this writing, and earning roughly 60 satoshi in interest per day without doing anything to earn it.

Interest earned since April Interest Earnings

QoinPro and CryptoTabBrowser are both good introductions to the concepts of digital coin and mining. QoinPro’s revamp included adding a full-fledged wallet, so that you can send as well as receive coin to any of the digital coins activated on your account. This feature is on their current roadmap, thought not yet implemented. Previously, you could only send to that wallet, now you will be able to send from it as well. This is good, because this wallet, like most of the others out there, does not earn you interest while you save. That is what’s wallet is for. As you can see in the interest screenshot above, the daily satoshi earned is small on my 50,000+ satoshi amount, but it is almost three times the amount earned if I just use the free tab of the same site. So it’s as if I get three free rolls without having clicked the “roll” button. I like the idea of daily interest, so this is where I keep my BTC when I am not using it.

Earnings at each of these site are small, but paid to the user regardless. If you want these sites to pay you a more livable amount, you actually DO need to DO something! It’s called marketing and promotion! Due to how many people out there seem to only want money rolling in without putting in any effort, theoretically, your marketing and promotion efforts should net you quite a good following. The larger the following, the better so that your rewards for bringing in new affiliate members starts to grow. Do note that because everyone wants something for nothing, it will largely be YOU doing all the work, but conversely, it will be YOU that benefits more than the others precisely because you did all the work.

In other words, while you CAN get something for nothing, it is a very small something. None of these sites expect you to pay to earn from their services. So no worries about spending money you might not have. But in exchange for not spending any money, you may wish to consider spending time and effort instead.

Finding locations where your message about these sites will be heard, means a level of observation that you might not be used to if this is your first time delving into marketing and promotion. Facebook used to be the go-to place for advertising, but now that free efforts there get squashed under paid efforts rather badly, I can no longer recommend it. We’re putting out effort here, not money remember. You may still get eyeballs on your offers in various affiliate, networking, and online business groups on Facebook, but be warned, posting the same thing too often can land you in FB jail for a time until they let you start posting again.

Other online locations where you can spread the word include Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. However, social networking doesn’t work for everyone. In those cases, it is time to head over to safelists/viral mailers or traffic exchanges. I recently wrote a blog article about yet another experience doing a mass send out from over a dozen mailers vs ongoing efforts at my favourite traffic exchange. You can read about that here. Incidentally, the two services linked in that article are what I strongly suggest you sign up to use to begin with. Other traffic exchanges do exist out there, but stay away from the auto-surfers. The convenience offered to you of just starting it and leaving it while you go away and do something else, means that not only are YOU not paying other member’s ads any mind, your ad won’t be paid any mind either. So if you’re going to put effort into these free methods of earning money, you want that effort to be wisely spent.

Classified ad sites, banner ad sites, particularly those that offer a form of affiliate system themselves such as:

can also work when it comes to promoting your free earning sites. You just need banners for the banner sites and sometimes square banners for the classified ad sites too. Some sites offer these already in their referral tools area, most don’t and you may have to create them in a graphics program on your own machine.

You decide how much time and effort you put into these sites that send you digital currency for no money, no time, and no effort directly on their programs. This article is simply here to say that yes, these sites do exist, you can earn and they do pay. But the earnings are small unless you at least invest time and effort promoting them.


The Rabbit Vs The Turtle. . . Who Won This Time?!

What follows today, is part of a newsletter I recently sent out to my teams at Infinity Traffic Boost and Infinity Mailer Boost respectively.

get paid to market

Among the ways to get publicity for your product or service, is something we call “Word of Mouth”.  This used to be the main way offline marketing was done years ago, for much of humanity’s existence too.  Meeting people, who meet people who meet people who all send you business. Modern technology has taken us back to those circles through social media where we can now video chat or see snapshots of people’s faces while we chat with them via text or voice about our opportunities.  They then get excited about it and tell their friends and so on.
Of course word of mouth is not the only way to get publicity for ITB or IMB.  One method has become a thorn in Google’s side as a search engine.  This is known as “link-backs”.  The original idea was that reputable, well-trafficked sites would link back to you via an article you wrote or some interaction they had with you.  Unfortunately, this concept quickly digressed into full-on link pages we now call “free-for-all link pages”.  Some say these FFA’s work well for them in drawing in the crowds.  Other people never see traffic from them at all because their link might be visible for a day or just hours at best before they scroll off.  Google won’t index them much anymore because there is really very little human-readable, human-useful content on these pages beyond pages and pages of nothing but links.
However you choose to go about obtaining publicity for your business or opportunity, be sure it’s reputable, be sure it’s honest and truthful, and be sure your association with other content doesn’t tarnish your business reputation or that of the company’s.  “Guilty by association” is a thing, and a very serious thing at that.  So be wise.  There are many reputable sites and methods of obtaining publicity.  The best way is blogging and sharing your blog articles around.  If you know how to blog, you can start writing about your favourite feature or aspect of your business or opportunity.  Starting off with a review is a great beginning.  A few months later, blog about the results you’ve been seeing if you are tracking your hits from various sources.
stop clicking for freeFor example, I just had another SFI sign-up from ITB at 12:34am PST last night.  ITB continues to be the best use of my marketing time and effort!  I sent out a massive safelist mailing to almost a dozen different safelists totaling well over 45,000 recipients in one afternoon’s efforts.  Now if I do the math I’ve been taught in some of the marketing materials out there, 1/10th of those recipients may actually open the email.  Of those, perhaps 1/10th might click on the link in the email to get their ad credits earned.  Carrying on, maybe up to 1/10th might respond to the offer or product or read the blog article.  So 45,000 becomes 4,500 which becomes 450 which becomes 45 people that might take action.  To my knowledge, the results of that particular campaign, as wide-reaching as it had the potential to be, might have only sent me TWO sign-ups roughly 2 weeks after I’d sent out the campaign.
By comparison, surfing just 100 sites every day nets me just 25 guaranteed views to my site URL every day or roughly 750 views in a month, and I just had a sign-up.  In fact, due to the time of day I’ve been surfing the past month, I haven’t been getting a full 100 sites surfed before the server clock rolls over to the next day, so this particular sign-up was taking place with less than 750 views of the promoted link! Sure we get paid here to spend our time using the advertising services of ITB and IMB, but the greater benefit is seriously how responsive the general user-base is!

These kinds of details are what other marketers and promoters are looking for.  They want to see results!  I get results here!  Getting those results requires a daily commitment to sit there clicking through ads to get your free ad credits and earn your daily satoshi at midnight.  But that determined effort, as boring as it might be to some of you, is what gets results.  Truly, slow and steady wins the race!  A safelist campaign to over 45,000 potential eyeballs all sent out in a few hours versus obtaining only 750 eyeballs over the course of a month. . . well, we know who the rabbit is and we know who the turtle is now don’t we?!
To me, this advertising service is well worth sharing with family who are in business, friends who are in business, acquaintances who run business, etc.  Of course if they don’t want to spend the time surfing, they can purchase ad packs to get the eyeballs instead.  Those sales are what keep the company rolling.