Quick CashCrate Update!

Just wanted to share a short update on CashCrate.

I am now awaiting my second $20 cheque as noted in the earnings banner here:

I’ve also received three referrals now as well, meaning I will begin to earn commissions once they start getting their first cheques.  This isn’t an income-replacement by any means, but pennies add up!

If you want to join me, click the banner to sign up.  You won’t qualify for surveys every day.  But between the 3 cent daily check-in, and the surveys you DO qualify for, you will get paid for sharing your opinion.

Sometimes the check-in button doesn’t let you click the offer.  When that happens, reload the CashCrate page and try again.  Sometimes it works right away, other times it takes a few tries.  If you think you should be paid for telling companies what you value, then come join me.

CAUTION!!! Doing the offers can be a great way to quickly increase your account balance!  However, software installs “call home” which will cause your antivirus program to flag it as an intruder.  As a technician by day, software that “calls home” is often considered spyware.  The purpose of offered software calling home is so they can track that you have indeed kept the software active on your system for the prescribed length of time, whether that’s two weeks or three days or whatever time length the offer set before issuing payment.  Just be warned, if you don’t want software on your system “calling home” all the time, you may want to avoid offers that pay for downloading and using their programs.