I shared this on the Facebook page already, but have to share it here too!  Not everyone is on FB, and this is set up to spread it further than merely FB and Twitter.

I am terribly excited about a brand new method of using a traffic exchange I recently joined, where in the process of advertising, I also earn BTC.  This site is a traffic exchange that gives your site one view for every four sites you surf.  Every 10 sites you surf earns you a BTC pool share that gets paid to your TE account at midnight.  The site’s name is InfinityTrafficBoost, and last night at midnight, they released a brand new way to use their site!  This brand new method of using InfinityTrafficBoost will earn me 3.24BTC in just 51 days!

Now as you know, BTC has been rocketing in value and is now in the $4000 USD range. This is making faucet earnings more difficult, although there is now a faucet that pays you interest if you leave more than 30,000 satoshi there. Freebitco.in pays you 4.08% annual interest, in daily compounding increments on your running balance. My affiliate url is; https://freebitco.in/?r=3872765

The 3.24 BTC earned at InfinityTrafficBoost however, will have a rough USD exchange value of over $12k!!!

That’s assuming it’s value doesn’t keep climbing! (and also assumes you didn’t transfer your balance over to freebitco.in either, to get the compounded interest)

All for just 30 minutes of your time every single day for the first 30 days of the plan!

I am currently stone broke, so discovering such a workable way to earn so much BTC without any money out of pocket is HUGE! When news broke about this method of earning BTC, I had already earned myself 10,300+ satoshi, so according to the PDF linked above, I’ve got a 10 day head start on the process.  If I can find just 4 other people who want to give this a 51 day test FOR FREE, then I can complete my own experiment using this venue as well.

As far as my BTC experiment in general is concerned, I am now using a Uquid.com pre-paid VISA BTC debit virtual card to pay my HP Connect InstantInk monthly subscription.  I will be transfering more funds to this card soon to ensure August’s payment is covered.  They have physical cards too, but if I get this 51 Day plan to work, I may still put funds into XAPO and get their card although it’s more expensive, because it is linked directly to my XAPO account and doesn’t require topping up periodically.  Apparently Uquid is looking at direct-linking, but that’s still in research stages.

EDIT November 2019:  Uquid developed trouble after Wavecrest shut them down and then moved to a ICO model, so I left the company and am still trying to find another card for Canadians.

So my BTC is already being put to good use.  3.24BTC would go a long way to curbing the current financial challenges I face and then start me down the road to savings and debt elimination!  That’s the long term goal.

So I encourage you to check out the Freeway Plan here:
https://infinitytrafficboost.com/FreeWay.pdf or log into your dashboard after signing up here: https://infinitytrafficboost.com/songdove-t-musings to view the video instead.

Hope you’ll join me!