simple chart illustrationSo far in my “after hours” quest to find ways to actively accumulate usable levels of Bitcoin, it’s been quite an adventure. Part of that adventure has been the rise and fall of the BTC value when compared to the US dollar. Earnings now on Faucet Alley are significantly lower on a per-claim basis since BTC swung past $2k, $3k, and now in the $4k range. However, it is still possible with my daily schedule to be earning 0.00015 satoshi roughly every 5 days or so, which I’ve learned after 30 days is enough to cover my HP Connect InstantInk monthly subscription. All this JUST with a few remaining faucets still making earnings possible AND useful!

Xapo made things more interesting in the late spring by deciding to have members pay the miner’s fee when doing external transfers to or from Xapo. This made me wish I’d sent ALL my xapo earnings over to before this change took place, as now I have .001 BTC stuck in Xapo because to move it would eat up most of that amount, leaving me with maybe .00008 left over to earn any interest with.

Moonbit and Bonusbitcoin have both moved over to coinpot now as well, which makes it easier to accumulate satoshi for moving over to I’ve added bitfun to that mix as well, so between the three of them, I am earning satoshi, then moving it every .00016 (paying a small fee resulting in 0.00015 in final deposit) to to earn interest. I will be adding bitfun to the faucet alley shortly.

I’ve run across another xapo faucet however that doesn’t seem to have redirects or popups, but also has a site-connected app you can run on your computer. My computer’s processing power isn’t enough to make it meet the site’s claim of being six times faster, so I don’t run it much, but otherwise this faucet is earning roughly 64 satoshi per hour, which is more than’s base roll amount of 46-49 satoshi per hour as of the time of this writing. I’ll be adding that to the safe section of the faucet alley.

I still plan to keep my xapo account, because once I have enough BTC to purchase their debit card, I want to use it at the grocery store. I still plan to go through with that portion of the experiment. Currently, Xapo is one of very few wallets that have their own BTC-connected debit card. All other BTC debit cards online are pre-loads. The card I am using to pay HP is a preload for example. It is virtual only, so fees are cheaper than the cost of purchasing and having a physical card shipped to me.

The BTC experiment has taken another turn in the adventure. I’ve discovered that some traffic exchange websites will not only give you so many views for so many clicks, but they will also PAY you for those clicks!

Earn 3.24BTC in JUST 51 Days!

The best site for that so far is InfinityTrafficBoost. In August, they released an earnings plan where, with just 4 active referrals under you, in 51 days you can earn 3.24BTC! It takes 51 days because first you have to earn you way to the bottom traffic boost purchase, which takes 30 days at roughly 30-45min per day. After that, if your four active referrals do what you are doing and you all upgrade together using the BTC you earned in the first 30 days, you earn commissions on their sales, and you enter what ITB calls their “fast track”. If your four referrals have their own 4 referrals actively surfing, and all of you carry on with the plan, 21 days after that first purchase you will have earned the 3.24BTC, or currently over $12k in US dollars!  The above banner ad is one I created and had approved by ITB, and I’ve linked it to a splash page showcasing a video they made and a PDF they put together.  I read the PDF because I prefer to read than watch videos.  But the plan as it is laid out there, has me hooked!

The trick of course is finding those 4 referrals who want to follow the plan themselves. I have 7 referrals in ITB now, but none of them are currently following the FreeWay Plan as ITB calls it. I myself have enough BTC to equal 21 days in the plan already, so I had a 10 day head start when the plan was announced. In 9 days from the date of this post, I will be able to enter the “fast track”. Whether it is “fast” or not will be decided if I get 4 active referrals under me or not. But $12k USD would go a very long way to getting bills paid around this house right now!

It takes me roughly 45 minutes to surf the 100 sites necessary to do the daily task for the first 30 days. Technically-speaking, at only 15 seconds per ad viewed, it should only take 30 minutes, so advertising states only 30min of your time is needed. In reality, there is a captcha every 5 ads which will take you a few seconds to a minute to do, as well as two clicks between each ad, adding at least another second or so per ad viewed. So when you do the math, the 30min of ad surfing is augmented by the time it takes for the other clicks to take place as well. The 30 min is not a lie, but it is part of a slightly larger time block. The speed of your Internet connection will also determine how fast those 15 seconds do or don’t pass per site. So how long it takes to do your daily task for those first 30 days could be quite fluid. But if you want a relatively brainless way to earn some BTC without putting your own money into it, and if you have a site or sites you want to promote, InfinityTrafficBoost is the way to go.

Imagine this scenario then:

51 Days with 4 active referrals equaling 3.24 BTC being paid into my account. I take half of that and send it back over to Xapo, apply for the debit card (which is in US, not CAD) and wait a month to get it. During that month, my earnings continue to be earned from commissions under me (that’s how sales work) and sent over to to earn interest. Once that debit card arrives, bills start getting paid down and a form of income has been uncovered that I can do at any time of day as time and health permits. But I had to slog through that first 30 days of 100 sites viewed per day to get there. Who do you know could benefit from that kind of work? Perhaps sign up and try it out yourself before answering that question so you know who might be a best fit for this portion of my experiment.

Life has so many twists and turns. The world of BTC is no different. What I like about it, is being able to break into this new currency without spending any of my own!