bitcoinAs anyone who follows this blog now knows, I began a blockchain experiment back in February, outfitted my day-job’s website to accept Bitcoin as payment for services in May, and began a new business venture in late June. More recently in August, I found a marketing platform that has potential to earn a decent monthly income once I can find 4 people to copy me on that platform. I have 9 immediate referrals in that program and two more referrals under two of them, but so far no one is following my lead despite weekly team mailings. I’ve set up a support group on Facebook hoping to get the team members over there to share tips and tricks, but so far no one has taken action to join the group.

While the lack of action in this marketing platform is a little disappointing, I have run across another user somewhere around the world who is using the platform in a very surprising, encouraging, and uplifting manner. Two others are using another marketing platform I am part of, for similar purposes.

Christian flagImagine using your primary source of income to share the hope of the Gospel with people?! It is my hope that this marketing platform will become a significant monthly source of income, and I came to that conclusion early in August when the income-generation side of it was first made clear to me. Here we are almost at the end of September now, and this ministry opportunity is staring me in the face!

It’s interesting that I’d come across these users’ methods of using these platforms this week. I’d realized after a tea with a friend earlier this week, that not everyone who might want to use this platform to bolster their income will have anything to promote. The platform is a marketing method, so you do need something to market to others. If I run into Christians who could use this system of income, I now know what to suggest they promote: None other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The Salvation message! The current user doing this has created a page called The Four Steps to Salvation, complete with Scripture, video, and links to more information. Another user on the other platform has a picture of Christ and John 3:16 under it before carrying on with sharing their business opportunity. That user has created quite a gap on their page between the salvation message and the biz opp.

Earning commissions on advertising sales while sharing the Gospel of Christ is probably the best merging of two worlds I’ve seen so far! I am a huge proponent of the fact that the Internet is the final missions frontier. I had never thought of using existing marketing methods as a way to spread the Gospel, but stop and think about it a moment. . . Other business owners, other affiliates, other networkers, other opportunity seekers are signing up to use these services. They see your site just like you see theirs because they want to get their own message out about their opportunity. However, in the process of getting their own message out, they run across yours – the Gospel message. Opportunity seekers are often desperate for financial help. Affiliates are trying to augment household income, and business owners are looking for traffic as well. But while their goals may be somewhat different from each other, they ALL need Jesus. Once again we see another opportunity to use the tools of the day to spread the message of hope and healing, provision and eternity. Talk about tent-making! If Paul could make tents while preaching, we can earn sales commissions while sharing too! So far as I can tell only three people are doing this on two platforms, but hey, the door is there. . .

Now I know why I created the FB group image the way I did! (see image at top of post) It captures several things all at once:  Technology (the bitcoin), teamwork (team songdove), and the Holy Spirit (the dove). My username (songdove) incorporates music too, because singing has always been my love language between me and God.  Whether music plays into the business venture I don’t know, but the other elements now all make sense.