Because of everything I’ve been doing in my off-time with Bitcoin, I haven’t written much about the other business venture I began in June known as SFI/Tripleclicks. I now have 22 inactive referrals on my team there, but they get a weekly newsletter from me anyway. SFI is a company constantly staying in a state of flux, and while I have not achieved the first major affiliate rank yet (Exec), it has been interesting watching the company itself continue to mature and grow.

Tap to payTwo major things have taken place since I joined that I want to write about today. The first, is that once again, also as of June 2017, they accept BTC as a form of payment at checkout. This is big news right now because many of the BTC pre-paid debit/credit cards have been shut down since January because VISA doesn’t believe in the digital currency landscape and doesn’t think it should intersect with daily life at all. I was fortunate to complete my experiment before this shutdown happened, but still, even I am now waiting to see what will happen with that avenue of bringing digital currency into everyday life.

So with more and more companies starting to accept BTC directly, to hear that Tripleclicks allows you to purchase everything from groceries to clothing to electronics to books, etc, using Bitcoin, is a positive.

The second major change has been something SFI is calling Rewardicals(use code 1105d6c). Rewardicals are their new loyalty token and they can now be exchanged for various items ranging from Bitcoin to business-building tools. This is being combined with their Localvantia program that rolled out in November, where local businesses can use Localvantia as their store loyalty program. Patrons receive Rewardicals that they can trade in for various things. Because I am not yet an Executive Affiliate (EA), I can’t run around Kelowna snapping photos, pre-registering and then following up with businesses hoping to get them on the Localvantia loyalty system. But I wish I could!

For me, the idea that I can go shopping like normal, then trade in a loyalty token for BTC is big news! I won a small amount of Rewardicals in one of the SFI draws recently. So I’ve begun my stash.

I have an ECA store there (E-commerce Associate), but the ECA system is undergoing major changes to reflect the Rewardical system as well. Once that changeover takes place, I’ll be adding more of my books and technical services to my little store on Tripleclicks. This means I will have a loyalty program by default! You will be able to shop there, and simply by shopping, earn Member Reward Points (that Rewardical will slowly be taking over), Rewardicals, T-Credits, etc. T-credits and MRP can be spent almost like cash on the site to play various games in Eager Zebra, bid on penny auctions in PriceBenders, or do further shopping at various ECA stores around the Tripleclicks website.

I admit I haven’t been promoting these various opportunities like I probably should be, but my focus did a major shift toward BTC when I found out that it was possible to build a workable income faster using InfinityTrafficBoost. As one affiliate on the SFI forums has observed, most people want a way to get their message out. ITB is one of those ways people can promote their cause, business, organization, etc. Earlier this month, I created the 10 Steps to Financial Freedom presentation over on Slideshare, and the third step was to sign up for a Uquid pre-load debit/credit card. Although Uquid has been caught in the VISA crackdown as well, that avenue of my experiment is intended largely for those businesses and places of commerce where you can’t pay directly with Bitcoin. Tripleclicks is a very sizeable (over 90,000+ products) online location that will let you purchase everyday stuff using the BTC digital currency. So the 10 Steps to Financial Freedom experiment can still work for those who are otherwise waiting for the pre-load card issue to be resolved.

Incidentally on that front, apparently Spectrocoin has acquired an actual bank! They say on their Bankera blog that their card problems will be solved in 2 to 3 months and they already have the initial workings of that in place as of January 7th. According to their blog, they plan on servicing Canada, which is a good thing if it is possible. So anyone wanting to follow the 10 steps I’ve outlined have the time to get their income generation going, because step one (which includes step two to be properly completed) will take roughly 2 months once the 4th active team member is found.

10 Steps to Financial Freedom
The way this all looks to me, is that thanks to companies like Tripleclicks and InfinityTrafficBoost, you can have an almost 100% pure play for daily needs. I say almost, because I haven’t seen perishables for sale on the site, so you still have to buy those downtown. I also haven’t seen (yet) gift cards for fuel or other utilities on there. We’ll see if various ECA’s figure out how to do that. But moments like now, I look at these two opportunities and shoot myself for getting bogged down at times. As much as I like to see the bigger picture to figure out my portion of it, I do sometimes get tunnel vision as I slip into a rut of doing one task and one task only. Shame on me, I know. But just wanting to drop word that possibilities continue to open up as realities continue to change for these companies and others like them.

As a techie, this all has me very excited when I actually stop and think about it.

Imagine, foraging out in the forest one part of the day, processing the haul another part of the same day, then hoping online later that same day to deal with digital earnings to purchase what I can’t process! I kind of like that idea. . .