Clinton Clark Co-Founder of Infinity Traffic Boost and Co-Admin of the Official “Infinity Traffic Boost Members” group on Facebook (Jan 28, 2017) shared the following in answer to a frustrated member’s post in the group. I have permission to share it here:

Here’s the deal… ITB was created to:

(1) Provide a fantastic advertising platform with an ever-increasing value proposition and
(2) to allow an easy way for ANYone around the world to earn money.

For those who do not have funds, even $2 or $3 to get started at TPO1, the surfing provides the opportunity to begin.

Now……….. think about it…….think about the POWER.. especially for those in “less developed” nations where incomes are much lower than the “developed” world.

ALL THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO DO is to surf 100 pages a day, and SHARE with 4 people who all they have to do is to Surf 100 Pages (every day: edit mine) and share with 4 people who will do the same.

WHY is that so hard? There is NO money out-of-pocket, the system is sound and mathematically solid and a HUGE Income can be realized over time.

What other options do people have? Jump into a ponzi scheme and hope to get out before it collapses?

Where else can people work from home, be around family and have such a HUGE upside potential with NO risk (other than time spent?).

I just don’t understand why people are so afraid to share this incredible opportunity. The upside is so incredible and the downside is basically non-existent.


Now go and view the following video or read the linked PDF here:

ITB is the foundation for my 10 Steps to Financial Freedom:

10 Steps to Financial Freedom

Clinton Clark and Frank Bauer are the real deal, with extensive experience in online marketing since the early days when I first ran across Frank at AdlandPro in the early 2000’s. AdlandPro continues to this day as a testament to success over the years, and so much more!

If you work the system as designed, you are in good hands! Fail to work the system by being committed to just 100 pages every single day, and there is no one to blame but yourself. This is one of those few programs out there that will take someone with no cash (or worse than no cash, and only debt) and give them a legitimate and workable way to raise themselves out of their poverty.

All that’s needed is an Internet connection long enough to get those 100 sites surfed each day.

Who do you know could use this program?