Well, for starters, you get low-cost/ low-maintenance loyalty. Secondly, you get access to millions of potential customers around the world without paying a dime for that access and that’s just the beginning! Many companies out there sell access to their customers at huge prices, but this radical new approach turns that on its head.

But the mix of Radical and Reward go even further. Have you ever heard of a loyalty program where you don’t merely earn rewards on your own purchases, but you also get rewards for the purchases made by your referrals??? I hadn’t heard of that until now myself. I’ve heard of referral programs that pay commissions on the sales of those you refer to the company, but I hadn’t heard of this concept extending to loyalty tokens before. Every participant in the program gets their very own referral link they can share with others with potential to earn on their referral’s purchases.

So what is this loyalty program called? Where is it located? This program merges Radical and Reward to create the very Radical Reward program, “Rewardicals”. Rewardicals live at Rewardical.com.

Shopping decisionsThe program is free to merchants to sign up for a worldwide listing in the Rewardical search engine. Merchants don’t pay Rewardical invoices for handing out Rewardicals to their customers unless there are orders to approve. So if a merchant never gets an order, there is never a fee to pay, period. If a merchant gets an order from a Rewardical shopper, they then approve that order and pay the fee. Merchants have 7 days to pay the Rewardical fee.

Shoppers can trade their Rewardical tokens for such things as Bitcoin, donations to several worldwide reputable charity organizations, gift certificates to Tripleclicks.com, T-Credit tokens to play games over at EagerZebra or bid in the Pricebenders Auctions, and more.

The idea of a loyalty program being all but free to the merchant, and the potential for shoppers to earn even from those they refer to the program, truly make this a unique system.

If you are an online business owner and want to take advantage of this loyalty program for your customers, head on over to Rewardical.com to sign up. If you are a shopper and wanting to see who all is in the search engine already, get your account by signing up here

Radical and Reward have merged ~ Rewardical has been born!