Spring has sprung, which means now you’ll start seeing more about foraging again as well as my BTC adventures and financial budgetting tips, thoughts and adventures.

Around our house, we celebrate Passover instead of Easter, which made the incredibly early lunar holiday a bit of a challenge for us this year. We visited one of our usual foraging grounds to see if any plants were poking above the ground yet, and managed to come home with a few samples to at least use in the ceremony portion of the meal if we couldn’t have them as an actual salad yet. Combined with a ground-ivy my daughter’s been nibbling on at work, we managed to have very cute symbolic salads this year!

On the Bitcoin front, Uquid still doesn’t have a replacement debit/credit card yet, but for Canadians that’s not a terrible thing just yet. Today I paid a tiny amount that was placed on a new high-interest-charging Canadian Tire MCRD, through Bylls.com. This service lets Canadians pay their bills directly with Bitcoin! The service exchanges the funds on the spot and if the bill is below a certain threshold, there is no transaction fee at Bylls. You may still have to pay a transaction fee at your wallet’s end however, so if you live in Canada and want to use BTC to pay bills, make sure you are ok with the transaction fee your wallet wants before sending your funds through Bylls or any other service for that matter. In the same way you have to decide if it’s worth $5 to have someone else shop and deliver your groceries or spend $2.5 in gas to go do it yourself, you need to make similar decisions when spending your Bitcoin. Is the convenience of using a service such as Bylls wise for you, or is the convenience costing more than you wish to pay?

Always choose the option that leaves the most funds in your wallet. If that means a little extra work, or a little longer wait time, the delayed gratification of knowing you didn’t have to spend more than necessary will pay off. Fees add up and many people forget this, wondering where their funds went.