In light of the trouble that many BTC Debit card issuers have and are still having trying to obtain and reissue their cards, 10 Steps to Financial Freedom has had to be written starting with Step Three and is now only 7 steps in lengthEDIT (Nov 2018)* While it appears Wirex is getting a globally-accepted card online, Canadians are still on a wait list.* To assist with that, this partial list of places where you can pay your bills, purchase gift cards for use in offline stores, etc. was formed.  Some of the links here are to other articles outlining some surprising ways others have found to build this list or simply to spend BTC in general.  Other links go directly to sites themselves.  A word of warning that occasionally, some of the lists included here contain “adult-only” links.  If you value your own sanity, your family’s sanity, and your computer’s health, don’t visit those links!  Do yourself a favour and skip over them to the rest of the content that is much more useful.


Household Shopping:

General shopping:

Eating out:

Canada only:

Pay Bills:

General Shopping:

Australia – only

Pay bills:

The Netherlands:

Arnhem the city:


Electronics and hardware purchases: – Spending with Bitcoin

General Shopping:
Any Shopify-based store where the merchant has accepted the option to allow BTC as a valid form of payment.