What follows today, is part of a newsletter I recently sent out to my teams at Infinity Traffic Boost and Infinity Mailer Boost respectively.

get paid to market

Among the ways to get publicity for your product or service, is something we call “Word of Mouth”.  This used to be the main way offline marketing was done years ago, for much of humanity’s existence too.  Meeting people, who meet people who meet people who all send you business. Modern technology has taken us back to those circles through social media where we can now video chat or see snapshots of people’s faces while we chat with them via text or voice about our opportunities.  They then get excited about it and tell their friends and so on.
Of course word of mouth is not the only way to get publicity for ITB or IMB.  One method has become a thorn in Google’s side as a search engine.  This is known as “link-backs”.  The original idea was that reputable, well-trafficked sites would link back to you via an article you wrote or some interaction they had with you.  Unfortunately, this concept quickly digressed into full-on link pages we now call “free-for-all link pages”.  Some say these FFA’s work well for them in drawing in the crowds.  Other people never see traffic from them at all because their link might be visible for a day or just hours at best before they scroll off.  Google won’t index them much anymore because there is really very little human-readable, human-useful content on these pages beyond pages and pages of nothing but links.
However you choose to go about obtaining publicity for your business or opportunity, be sure it’s reputable, be sure it’s honest and truthful, and be sure your association with other content doesn’t tarnish your business reputation or that of the company’s.  “Guilty by association” is a thing, and a very serious thing at that.  So be wise.  There are many reputable sites and methods of obtaining publicity.  The best way is blogging and sharing your blog articles around.  If you know how to blog, you can start writing about your favourite feature or aspect of your business or opportunity.  Starting off with a review is a great beginning.  A few months later, blog about the results you’ve been seeing if you are tracking your hits from various sources.
stop clicking for freeFor example, I just had another SFI sign-up from ITB at 12:34am PST last night.  ITB continues to be the best use of my marketing time and effort!  I sent out a massive safelist mailing to almost a dozen different safelists totaling well over 45,000 recipients in one afternoon’s efforts.  Now if I do the math I’ve been taught in some of the marketing materials out there, 1/10th of those recipients may actually open the email.  Of those, perhaps 1/10th might click on the link in the email to get their ad credits earned.  Carrying on, maybe up to 1/10th might respond to the offer or product or read the blog article.  So 45,000 becomes 4,500 which becomes 450 which becomes 45 people that might take action.  To my knowledge, the results of that particular campaign, as wide-reaching as it had the potential to be, might have only sent me TWO sign-ups roughly 2 weeks after I’d sent out the campaign.
By comparison, surfing just 100 sites every day nets me just 25 guaranteed views to my site URL every day or roughly 750 views in a month, and I just had a sign-up.  In fact, due to the time of day I’ve been surfing the past month, I haven’t been getting a full 100 sites surfed before the server clock rolls over to the next day, so this particular sign-up was taking place with less than 750 views of the promoted link! Sure we get paid here to spend our time using the advertising services of ITB and IMB, but the greater benefit is seriously how responsive the general user-base is!

These kinds of details are what other marketers and promoters are looking for.  They want to see results!  I get results here!  Getting those results requires a daily commitment to sit there clicking through ads to get your free ad credits and earn your daily satoshi at midnight.  But that determined effort, as boring as it might be to some of you, is what gets results.  Truly, slow and steady wins the race!  A safelist campaign to over 45,000 potential eyeballs all sent out in a few hours versus obtaining only 750 eyeballs over the course of a month. . . well, we know who the rabbit is and we know who the turtle is now don’t we?!
To me, this advertising service is well worth sharing with family who are in business, friends who are in business, acquaintances who run business, etc.  Of course if they don’t want to spend the time surfing, they can purchase ad packs to get the eyeballs instead.  Those sales are what keep the company rolling.