numbers money calculating calculationGetting paid for the time I spend online has been a wish of mine for several years now. It is FINALLy a reality! Let me count the ways:

1) InfinityTrafficBoost: This is a traffic exchange that lets you have one website URL, several banner ads and several text ads as a free member. For every 4 sites you surf, you earn a full credit for someone else to see your site. You also earn a surfer reward pool share for every 10 sites you surf. This share gets used to calculate your earnings at midnight every day.

2) InfinityMailerBoost: This is a safelist mailer with a difference. Credits you earn are calculated so that half the credits you have, are used to send to the number of members you wish to send to. A full credit is earned for every four emails you open and click through. You earn a mailer pool share for every 10 emails you open and click through. If you want your email to show up in the site’s “read messages” area and not merely in people’s inboxes, you need to send above a certain amount. This amount changes occasionally with site activity.

This means I can do free credit-based marketing AND get paid for it! Cool!

CryptoTab Browser3) CryptoBrowser: My 12yr old computer can finally start earning it’s keep while I surf online regardless if I’m fixing a remote computer or dong social media or reading the news or checking on balances. My 12yr old system doesn’t earn me much, but it’s something it’s elderly cycles can now contribute.

4) Webtalk: My time spent on social media will finally pay me for the data I volunteer by using the site. This is supposed to happen over at FuturePro where I used to be a member, but the social media portion of their online web presence needs so much work I could no longer promote the social media side of the business. When my account was hacked, there was no easy way to change my password or security settings either, and I don’t think I received any assistance from the attempt at contacting technical support. Needless to say, I am no longer promoting them as a way to be paid for your time on social networks. I want my recommendations to be useful, reachable, and safe. I am able to say that with Webtalk, so I am trying to move my contacts over there.

I’ve been part of webtalk for roughly a month now. I’ve been using the CryptoBrowser since late August, but wiped out my earnings due to forgetting to log in. Don’t forget to log in to save your earnings! I’ve been a member of InfinityMailerBoost since May and am looking forward to being paid for the first time soon. Hopefully before Christmas. I’ve been a member of InfinityTrafficBoost since a year ago August and could have been paid 3 times, but so far have been paid twice instead, as I’d been allowing the system to purchase ad packs on my behalf to begin with.

My earnings don’t just sit around doing nothing either. I send BTC earnings over to Freebitco so that they will earn me daily compounded interest. They pay 4.08% annual interest. You don’t have to be a gambler to use the deposit feature. If that’s the only aspect of the site you use, that’s fine. I am not a gambler either. If you play the faucet on the main page, you do earn reward points that you can cash in on various bonuses, or even gear if you accumulate enough.

I now try to time various tasks on the computer so that I have an earnings page open on one screen with unpaid activities occurring on another screen. This way, my time spent online is renumerated in some fashion.

Free 1000 Advertising Credits Plus $2.5 in Cash Bonuses.A new traffic exchange has entered the ad credit/pay you for surfing, space. This site will pay you via BTC, Payoneer, or SolidPay, so you are shown your earnings in dollar value, not BTC. It appears they stole some of their ideas from InfinityTrafficBoost, but are unique enough that the co-founder of ITB is endorsing it himself! This site is called AdFeedz!

Similar to ITB, you earn one point for every 10 sites you surf. Those points are used to calculate your share of the surfing pool which is paid out at midnight. Whereever this site’s server is, midnight for them is 4pm for me. Midnight for ITB is 9pm for me. Unlike ITB, Adfeedz gives you a 5-to-1 surfing ratio so that your site gets seen for every 5 credits you earn while surfing. You earn a full credit for every site you surf. Also unlike ITB, you can have any number of website URL’s, banners, and text ads as a free member. They offer a site rotator, but as a free member you are only allowed to create one rotator. Premium members can create more. Currently, they have a new sign-up bonus of up to $2.50 that you claim by walking through their guided tour. I am stuck on their stop on tour where they teach about earning from team groups. But to claim that portion of the bonus, I have to purchase an ad contract first. Otherwise, I earned $1.10 going through their guided tour to that point. I have since earned another $0.087 cents surfing roughly 116 pages. Just like ITB, the amount you earn per point varies depending on member interaction with the site.

I am so glad, and relieved that I am finally locating services that let me get paid for the time I spend doing various things online. I hope this list is helpful for you too, knowing that you don’t have to be wasting valuable time getting stuff done online when you can now be paid for it instead.