(Note: Article contains affiliate/referral links, and title provided by AdFeedz to comply with review guidelines)

Have you ever used a traffic exchange that let you add as many website URL’s as you wanted? What about a mailer that let you send emails to however many people you had available ad credits for, no minimum? How many free ad services out there let you put up a login page full-page ad without paying for an ad pack first?

Now add in presentation features such as those found on 1popeasy and AdBTC, and throw in an earning system reminiscent of InfinityTrafficBoost but with significant differences, and you have a brand new traffic exchange system that just launched November 16th 2018.

Currently, surfing or reading until you have 10 points (1 for every 10 sites or emails surfed/read) earns you as little as 3 cents USD to 7 or 9 or even 15 occasionally. Payment however, is offered via BTC if you prefer once you reach $10 minimum cashout. At the moment, you can take advantage of an introductory bonus offer that will potentially give you up to $2.50 just for following the tutorials around the site via the purple bar on your dashboard. Everyone can earn even if you don’t build a team of surfers under you. The surfer’s pool is open to everyone. In the month since I joined, I’ve earned $1.61 myself, and a total of $3.14 overall. I didn’t complete the tutorials as that meant purchasing an ad pack, so I only received $1.50 of the introductory bonus.

AdFeedz restart buttonsOne major difference between AdFeedz and other services linked above, is that when you run out of ad credits, your URL’s are paused until you click the green arrow to enable them again. This means that after every surfing session, you need to check your various listings to re-enable them manually. I give Traffic Exchanges 100 sites per day if I have the time to do so each day. This earns me anywhere from 100 to 500 ad credits depending on which surfing option I choose: frame/tab/reading, and how many ads are available in each option.

Surfing ads via frame earns a single ad credit for every site surfed. Surfing via tabs earns 2 credits for every site surfed. Reading the text offers earns a whopping 25 ad credits for each text entry viewed. This kind of makes AdFeedz both a traffic exchange and safelist in-site mailer all-in-one. The only other “all-in-one” site that I currently recommend is FreeAdvertisingForYou, but while they have a ton of advertising options, they don’t pay you to surf. AdFeedz does.

AdFeedz is also not staying static. Since I began to write this blog article, they’ve already added more features, including a cash-links feature where you can earn without also earning ad credits. So if your focus is about earning and not promoting anything, you can do that too.

one month anniversaryIt’s only one month since I joined, but so far the system is easy to use and unique in its presentation. We’ll have to see how long it takes to cash out. If you want to cash out sooner and earn from building a team under you, you also need to purchase ad contracts as they call them. These purchases open up several other group-style earning opportunities on the site, including commissions earnings.

If you’re looking for another advertising platform that pays you to use it, this is definitely one to check out.