Tell someone that you are getting paid to view advertisements and they look at you strange!  You know, like you should go back to that hole you crawled out of, take another nap, and perhaps wake up a “normal” person again.  Many of these same people however, will pay without thinking twice to see ads on TV and in their favourite newspaper or magazine.  If their favourite newspaper or magazine went online and installed a paywall, they gladly pay for continued access to their preferred publication, ads and all.

These same people take part in social networks, forums, and other online social sites where advertisers make money from targeting users by how they interact on the site.  Do the users ever see a dime of that money?  Do they ever get compensated for contributing to the demographic data that got the advertiser their sale??? NO!  But they will waste no time scoffing at anyone who thinks they can cash in on the bounty.

Well, I wanted to give an update on the income trickle I have going all by my little self right now.  That’s another thing people scoff at, and I have to admit, at one time I was in this group of scoffers myself.  The real estate franchise owner would make no money if realtors, who get paid commission only, weren’t selling houses.  The owner of the car dealership would make no money if his salesmen, who are only paid commission, weren’t selling cars.  Your local grocery store would not make any sales if they didn’t have staff opening doors, stocking shelves, and customers buying during business hours.  I actually saw someone scoff that the only way money was being made in one company was because of relying on others to make sales. . . Hmmm. . . run that by me again???

You see, advertisers are businesses, corporations, non=profit organizations, causes, cottage industry and home-based businesses all trying to reach those who want their offerings.  They are taught in marketing courses to go where their target market hangs out and purchase advertising there.  The concept of banner advertising on traditional-styled websites is just so much noise now on the page.  People don’t complain about it unless it gets too “in their face”, but neither do they interact much unless the ad is touting something they were searching for on Google Amazon or Facebook just minutes or hours earlier.  This type of ad-tracking is done via cookies.

So if banner advertising has become so ubiquitous that people don’t pay it much mind anymore, how else do they get word out about their offering?  They turn to online versions of old offline standby’s.  The unaddressed ad mail that now tends to hit the recycling bin before it hits the house has been respawned online as the safelist/viral mailer.  The difference?  People actually sign up to receive these emails so that they in turn can send out emails of their own.  It’s a captive audience, although similar to unaddressed ad mail, if your subject line fails to grab attention, it can be good money after bad if you purchased an ad pack to do the sending.

But the thing is, people DO buy these ad packages.  The visual noise of ads in the magazine has respawned online in the form of traffic exchanges where people choose to sign up to view these ads in exchange for their own ad being viewed by others.  It’s a bit of a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”.  Again, ad packages can be purchased and such packages are advantageous to those who don’t have time to sit there scrolling through ad after ad to earn the credits to send out their message.

The theme across all these various advertising iterations, is the concept of real human beings.  Google has occasionally suffered terrible bouts of click-fraud on the adword ads on their search engine.  Safelist/viral mailers and Traffic exchanges suffer from programmed bots to do the clicking for people as well, but captchas are put in place to reduce the abuse of the system, making it quite viable for most people using these services.

When an ad or an email crosses a person’s desk who happens to be looking for the product being offered, that advertiser has gained a customer.  They’ve made a sale.  There are literally 100’s of these sites around the ‘net, and most of them are similar to your offline advertising in that they don’t pay anyone for the time they spend viewing or sending their advertising.

I am happy to say however, that sites are coming along who pay you for the ads you click and the emails you open.  Even browsers are starting to get in on the act with paying you for your time by installing tiny miners to make your device pay for itself finally.

One of the sites where I click ads to earn a penny or two, is BTCClicks:

2019-01-24 payment proof BTCClicks

BTCClicks pays a certain number of satoshi with every ad you click.  Most of the time this earns you at least 100 satoshi per day, with payout at 10,000 satoshi.  As you can see in the screenshot to the left here, BTCClicks has paid me a number of times now.  The ads I click are paid for by other members who have bought ad packages at BTCClicks.  As a free surfer, I get paid to view those ads.


coinbulb payment proofsCoinbulb is similar to BTCClicks, but up until Fall 2018, they had fewer ads on their system.  Their ads were generally higher-paying, but because they were fewer, it took a long time to get my first payout.  Since Fall 2018 however, they’ve added to their site and you’ll notice the second payout came much faster!

A traffic exchange I joined in August 2017, InfinityTrafficBoost, has paid me three times now as of February 2019.  They offer 11 different ad packages aimed at the desired number of views an advertiser wants for their product or service.  Payouts for them seem to be getting closer together as well.  Click the link above to see three different payout screenshots. 2 payment proof

Similar to BTCClicks and Coinbulb, came on the scene offering a plugin for your browser that would let you earn by surfing ads on their site.  They’ve paid me twice so far, and probably would have paid me again already if I was more dedicated to clicking the ads in their list.

I am doing a fair bit of my earned ad viewing now on a browser that honestly makes my 12yr old system work so much faster online!  That browser is CryptoTabBrowser, and it is a version of Chrome that has been optimized to be up to 8x 10x faster (as of April 2019) than Chrome itself while also mining in an open tab on your computer, using CPU power rather than the GPU resources typically used by mining farms.  CryptoTabBrowser’s cashout is at a mere 1000 satoshi, and so far takes not quite two months is speeding up as they make improvements as you’ll see in this screenshot.

I’ve been paid once so far from AdFeedz, and thanks to getting in while it was free to do so, I’ve been paid once by HashingAdSpace too, just waiting on that payment to go through as I type this. HashingAdSpace breaks the train in this thread, as going forward as of March 1/19, no one earns for free, you have to buy ad stakes to do any earning. EDIT:  Currently, a single Asimi stake will cost roughly $125 USD as of March 4/19.  However, that stakes lasts a year, and your funds will be “earned back” 6 months or less, depending on how your daily ad minting goes, and whether or not you reinvest your earned Asimi to earn funds faster.

It’s been a great week starting the beginning of March 2019, as several of these payment proofs show cashouts all since the previous week.  My wallet over at is seeing regular increases in the daily interest my balance is accumulating!  If you need a legitimate BTC wallet that honestly earns you interest, head over to Freebitco and get your deposit address.  Put that address into every payment system you get cashouts from and after you’ve accumulated 30,000 satoshi, you’ll start to see interest accrue.  No need to play any of the games there or even to use the faucet on the main page.  Just use the wallet for your sending and receiving.  When you need to spend your BTC, check out this incomplete list for ways you can use your cryptocurrency as currency!

I spend anywhere from 2 to 4hrs per day at these sites, pairing the free-to-surf sites with non-earning advertising sites so that my time spent advertising my business and such is earned by other sites that pay me.  Imagine what those payment proofs would look like if my scoffers were workers instead?