Your Data Has Value!



Let's look at a few of the ways your time and data are of value, not just to other advertisers, but you - yourself as well:

Is your browser paying you for your time? Fix that with CryptoTabBrowser:

Payment Proof


Do you hang out on social media?
How many social networks pay you for what you share? Get into Webtalk before it leaves Beta for a very nice payment plan:



How many safelists and traffic exchanges are paying you while you click?

No, not paying you for promoting THEIR affiliate link, I mean paying YOU while you promote YOUR primary link. . . I'm not seeing you hold up too many fingers there.

There are three programs available that:

  • Pay you for every 10 sites you surf (up to 100 sites as a free member)
  • Pay you commissions on every purchase your referrals make
  • Pay you on infinity width and to various levels up to infinity depth at two of the three sites listed here.
  • Offer you free tools to promote YOUR link while surfing as a free member.
  • Downline Builder

To your right, you will find:

Join all the above today and stop giving away your time for free!