If you ever wonder about InfinityTrafficBoost paying or not, and if you ever hear anyone saying it’s a scam and doesn’t pay, check out these three payment proofs:

This first is from June 28, 2018.  Notice to avoid high BTC fees, I requested payment in BCH. I used coinpot as the go-between here.  Coinpot lost my first InfinityMailerBoost payment, so I am no longer using that service as my go-between to lower exchange rates.
2018-6-28 InfinityTrafficBoost com payment proof

This next payment proof was for November 6, 2018.  This time I didn’t ask for payment in another currency sent the payment directly to my interest-earning account at Freebitco.in.

2nd ITB payment proof

The latest payment proof as of February 23, 2019 is below.  This time I chose to have payment sent via LTC.  I used Wirex this time as the go-between. Of the various ways to get paid so far, as of the time stamp on this post, LTC was the least expensive.  Notice the red arrows in this compilation screenshot below.  Everything happened on the same day!

3rd ITB payment proof