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So this was just published earlier today: Flat tax on big polluters could fund basic income, finds UBC study Take a read through the excerpts pulled out below: “But others have warned governments to avoid heading down the basic income path. In British Columbia, the provincial Green Party called for a study into basic incomeRead More…

My Thoughts on Charles’ Portrait From The Draper Company

May 15, 2024 Comments Off on My Thoughts on Charles’ Portrait From The Draper Company Marilynn Dawson

A couple thoughts on what has just transpired regarding the unveiling of Charle’s portrait. I’ve been seeing a fair bit about this recently, and CTV ran an article on it themselves. According to one source, Charles flinched a moment as he pulled down the curtain! According to CTV’s article, this portrait had been commissioned toRead More…

Low-Content Books No Longer Entering Global Distribution

April 26, 2024 Comments Off on Low-Content Books No Longer Entering Global Distribution Marilynn Dawson

I guess too many authors have been releasing “low content” books in recent years. No doubt pushed by author educators who have taught that these books sell a dime a dozen and therefore a quick, easy way to make money as an author. That may have been true in the past, but it appears toRead More…

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