The Multi-passioned Personality!

Multi-passioned. . . what does that mean?

For this author, it means being driven by a wide variety of passions.  I am passionate about my faith.  I am a passionate vocal worshipper.  Bring up the subject of the Internet and personal security and you’ll discover another passion there.  Mention affordable living, affordable housing, the homeless, or the working poor and yet another passion rises to the surface.

The passions related to my faith and life as a worshipper have, over the years, led to impassioned pleas with anyone who will listen, to examine their hearts and ask if Jesus Christ is truly Lord of their lives.  This particular passion was born on that fateful day in 2001 when the Twin Towers fell and over 3,000 lost their lives.  It was a 911 call to the
Church, but sadly, twas only heeded for maybe up to 6 months after the incident.

The need to ensure who sits on the throne of one’s heart has never been greater than it is today!  Christ often referred to Lordship when He told the rich young ruler to sell all he had and give to the poor, when He told others to take up their cross and follow Him, when He stated that anyone who comes to Him and then looks back at the life they once had, is not worthy of Him.  The reader can search these subjects at or or

Suffice to say that if a person prays the Sinner’s Prayer, but never makes Christ Lord of their lives, Christ says He never knew them!  Pretty strong stuff as we approach the midnight hour when the Age of Grace comes to a close.  The lateness of history is driving many to realize that time is short and they should be about the business of harvesting souls for the Kingdom.  But while that’s important, it is only the first part of the Great Commission given in Matthew.  The second part is making disciples – teaching new Christians how to rightly divide the Word of God, encourage them to put Christ in the control seat of their lives, teaching them how to live every day life in a manner holy and pleasing to the One Who died for them.

This second part is almost of higher importance for me than the first, due to the apparent lack of discipleship going on after that moment of Salvation.  So much so, that I am seriously starting to question how many conversions really are heart-felt and Holy Spirit-led.  It’s been my experience that anyone who has come to Christ under a powerful revelation of Who He is and what Christ has done for them, that generally, they are quicker to give the Holy Spirit reign and their interest in the former things of the world drops off quickly.  They truly are a new creation and have no desire for the things they left behind.  But it’s also been my experience, that anyone who claimed to accept Christ but continued in the ways of the world, have a hard time with the concept of giving God control in their lives and are far more easily disillusioned in their faith and more prone to falling away.

Lordship at the moment of salvation then, is an absolute MUST in the life of the believer!  Lordship in the lives of those who have lived as “Christians” is an issue that must be settled if they have never been faced with it before.  The me-first gospel that I am finding more and more of out there, is not the Gospel Christ preached!  The gospel Christ preached is selfless, putting others first, sacrificial, and in the eyes of a so-called tolerant society, downright offensive in it’s exclusivity.  There is only ONE way to Heaven and that is through Christ!

Having said all that, I do believe in actively supporting those who are preaching the true sacrificial Gospel, and my heart easily lends itself to prayer for a number of nations around the world where the Gospel is being thwarted, pushed down, suppressed, and where Christians are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed for their faith.  I tell you that those Christians know what it is like to make Christ Lord, and they would rather die than renounce their faith!  Sadly, I am unable to say that about much of the Christian church in North America.  The cushy gospel preached here will collapse if the pressures our overseas siblings undergo ever come to our shores.

So where do you sit in this story?  Are you a believer?  Have you made Christ Lord of your life?  Are you trying to live your own way while showing up in Church on Sundays?  There are so many questions I could ask.  So many facets of this passion that I could write about, and I just may.  God is calling to His people!  Are you hearing it?

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