New Book Project: How Does God Adorn His Bride in Scripture?

So I’ve started on my next project, and have a fair bit of research done for it now since half way through August. It doesn’t have a title yet, but there are a few contenders.

The concept is: How does God adorn His Bride in Scripture? Based on this premise, the foundations of the New Jerusalem are explored in relation to their counterparts on Aaron’s Breastplate. Brida attire mentioned in Ezekiel is explored, and discussions will look at a passage in Isaiah as well. All of this will wrap up in a final discussion of how Christ wants to present Himself a Bride without spot or wrinkle, and from there to a discussion on modesty.

This is a series of thoughts that have been running around my head ever since I began writing “Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey”. At various points along that writing journey, I would come across a verse here or there where God clothed Jerusalem, or clothed Israel, and it would pique my curiousity. It is finally time to delve into the answer to that question.

Research on the 12 Stones of Aaron’s Breastplate and the 12 Foundation Stones of the New Jerusalem, led to some interesting perspective challenges that I look forward to exploring more deeply as I get to writing the actual book. Surprises showed up in my research of Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire as well, specifically in a few verses of Song of Solomon.

There are a few more pieces of research to engage in, but now they will be engaged in as I begin the writing process.

I invite my readers to join the initial exploration by visiting me over at where these initial research discussions take place.

The 12 Stones of Aaron’s Breastplate:

Aaron’s Breastplate, The New Jerusalem and the Bride of Christ

Sardis – The First Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Topaz or Peridot – The Second Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Chrysoprase – The Third Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Anthrax(Garnet) or Jacynth – The Fourth Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Sapphire – The Fifth Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Jasper – The Sixth Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Ligure – The Seventh Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Agate or Emerald – The Eighth Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Amethyst – The Ninth Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Chrysoberyl (Chrysolite) – The Tenth Stone in Aaron’s Breastplate

Beryl (or is it Onyx or Diamond?)- The Eleventh Stone of Aaron’s Breastplate

Onyx – The Twelfth Stone of Aaron’s Breastplate

Last Two Items in the New Jerusalem:

Pearl – The Gates of the New Jerusalem

Gold – The Streets of the New Jerusalem

Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire:

Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire – an Introduction

‘Broidered Work – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Badger Skin – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Linen – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Silk – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Ornaments – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Silver Bracelets – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Chains – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Forehead Jewels or Nose Jewels – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Earrings – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Crown – Ancient Jewish Bridal Attire

Food Fit for the Bride of Christ:

Fine Flour – Food fit for the Bride of Christ

Olive Oil – Food Fit for the Bride of Christ

Honey – Food Fit for the Bride of Christ

If you enjoy this research, then you can look forward to the book. When it comes out, all Scriptures alluded to in the links above will not only be mentioned, but often contain further discussion on the subject. In addition, many of the public domain images may make their way into the book as well, at least that is my hope and desire.

If you enjoy the links above, feel free to leave feedback using the rating system near my copyright line at the end of each discussion. Feel free as well to share these links with others.

Once this book is written, there is a strong possibility of a workbook going along with it, and both will be available on Amazon once completed.

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