Happy New Year! When Tech, Faith and Movies Collide!

TRON Legacy

Yes, that’s me inserted into the image, courtesy of a TRON FB app a few years ago.

This year, as a family we rang out 2013 and rang in 2014 by following up my church’s New Year’s Eve service with Tron Legacy! Two scenes in the movie stood out to me this year.

The first scene is when Qora is telling Sam how she was rescued by his Dad, Kevin Flynn. Qora referred to him as Creator, even though earlier in the movie, Kevin had told his son that while he invented this amazing place called The Grid, he had only written some of the code responsible for the Iso’s.

The second scene was when Sam and Qora activate the beacon to head back to the “real world”. Clue is trying desparately to get into the stream, close enough that parts of his body threaten to de-res, when Kevin activates his power as the head programmer, and pulls him not only out of the beacon, but chooses to eliminate the threat that Clue is to The Grid by pulling him into an embrace, not only destroying Clue in the process, but dieing himself in the process.

These two scenes struck me because of their similarities to what God is to us and what He’s done for us. As we know from John 1:1-5, Jesus Christ was not only present at Creation, but created everything Himself and for Himself. Unlike Kevin Flynn, He deliberately created mankind with a free will. Nothing about us combined randomly out of already supplied code. Christ saw the mess that mankind had made of the world, and rather than simply outright destroy everything He’d ever made, He embraced mankind which resulted in not only the death of sin, but His own earthly death in the process so that we might be granted forgiveness for our sin and receive eternal life.

Another scene strikes me every time I watch the movie as well. It takes place in a few different instances actually. In the first movie, a program is created to protect The Grid, his name is Tron, after which the movies are named. However, in the second movie, we are introduced to a formidable program named Rinsler, who we later find out is Tron corrupted. This is important to understand. However, the corruption is not 100% complete, as Rinsler’s dual discs are only orange on the inner ring, while the outer ring remains white. In addition, when he finds out that Sam is not a program, but instead a user, he halts the fight. Much later in the movie as Sam, Kevin and Qora are flying a commandeered craft to the beacon, Rinsler, supposedly fighting alongside Clue, suddenly gets a clear view of the craft’s occupants and can nolonger keep up the fight. This angers Clue and he takes out Rinsler’s craft while trying to speed on toward the beacon. We see Rinsler floating downward as his programming changes from orange to white moments before the movie carries on at the beacon.

The script writers have left the door open to a third Tron movie. The Grid is not completely wiped out by the explosion that removes Clue’s threat to the system. Tron has gone from being a created program with autonomous properties, to a corrupted autonomous program, to a reformed program of his own choosing, remembering his original mandate and choosing to revert to it when forced to witness potential consequences.

Like Tron/Rinsler, mankind was created for relationship with God, to love and serve Him. Like Tron/Rinsler, we too were corrupted, won over to the dark side by a cunning and masterful liar bent on destroying all that God had made. But just as we see in the final battle before the beacon when Tron/Rinsler remembers and chooses to revert back to his original programming, we too can return to the relationship God longed for us at the beginning. The difference between us and Tron/Rinsler, is that we were unable to make that choice until Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

Just like Tron/Rinsler’s story, Christ’s death on the cross was not the end. The story has been granted continuation and it is now up to us to make the choice that will either result in eternal separation from God, or eternity spent in relationship with God. We too can move from dark to light by choosing to accept Christ’s forgiveness for our sins and choosing to live in right relationship with Him for the rest of our lives.

Will we see another Tron movie? I don’t know, but I do know the script writers left the door open for that to happen. But one thing I know for certain, is that life for us does carry on after death’s door. Our story has not only been left open, but is indeed going to take place. The question is, on which side of eternity will we sit? On the destroyer’s side, or God’s side.