A New Form of Crowd-Fundraising!

Ok, so maybe the concept of crowd-funding isn’t new.  Kickstarter, Indie Go-Go, and others are proving that when a company needs startup funds, crowd-sourcing it can be a very lucrative way to jump-start the business.

The concept of organizations linking up with purchasing sites to aid in raising funds for their much-needed projects isn’t new either.  But most of the time, any of the partnerships I’ve seen did not appeal to the general masses, or required extra steps beyond the usual shopping experience.  As I read emails from various sources that come through my inbox, it is becoming clear that the retail landscape is catching on to the fact that most average shoppers don’t mind supporting a cause, and that some shoppers might even change stores in order for their purchasing habits to support the cause of their choice.  Even credit and department store card companies are getting on board.

amazonsmileThe newest, and perhaps most pleasantly surprising store to get on the “shop here and support your favourite charity” bandwagon, made their announcement back in October, 2013: the online shopping giant, Amazon.com!  If you’re like me and missed that announcement and just clicked the link now, you will have discovered yourself looking at a screen with a row of charities over on the right.  Below that is a button where you can run searches for even more charities registered with the company.  Once you’ve found the charity you wish to support and clicked “Select”, you’ll be taken to what appears to be your average Amazon.com webpage.  It looks and acts just like the Amazon you’re used to, but with one key change on the back end.  When you do your usual shopping and click the checkout button, the Amazon Foundation will donate 0.5% of your purchase to the charity you chose to support.  In addition, you’re not stuck with that charity if you have several on your list.  Just click the charity’s name in the top left corner, and you’ll be offered the opportunity to pick another charity that you’ll support with that day’s purchase.

Because Amazon.com is so huge, and because so many people already shop there from all over the US as well as around the world, this is an awesome new source of much needed revenue for so many struggling NGO’s, Missions organizations, and other groups seeking to make a difference both at home and on a global scale.

You can learn more about the Amazon Foundation and the Smile.amazon.com website at this link here.

Songdove Books is pleased to be able to offer visitors the opportunity to support your favourite charity while buying Marilynn’s books.  Simply visit the Smile page here on the site, and use the links presented there.

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