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Songdove Books - Peer PressurePeer pressure. . . We like to think it ends after High School Graduation!  That pressure kids exert on each other to look cool, be cool, act cool, and speak cool, in whatever form “cool” might be at the time. . . Some say it begins in Middle School during the tween-stages.  Others say it begins younger than that.  One thing is certain however, if seeking approval from others matters to you, you’ll run headlong into the apparent need to “fit in”.  I’ve heard teens say that if you can make it through Middle School, then you’ll be fine.  They tell me that High School peer pressure lessens as youth become more secure in who they are after those apparently tumultuous tween years.  I say apparently, because my own teenagers didn’t go through this.  They didn’t care about seeing approval from others, and so they missed out on the trials and tribulations of trying to “fit in”.  They simply “didn’t”, and were quite content with that.  But I realize my kids are the exception rather than the rule.

The truth is, peer pressure doesn’t end after High School Graduation.  The need to “fit in” whether at work, on the sports field, or even in church can be overwhelming!  Look this way!  Talk that way! How dare you even consider going to THAT place!  The list goes on.  The fashion industry continues to pummel men and women with the need to dress in the current fashion trends, even predicting them for you so that you are prepared when stock hits the store shelves 6 months later.  Appearances are such that in a sports-minded community, NOT being seen walking around with a water-bottle somehow marks you as not being fitness-conscious or aware of your personal health.  In a coffee-drenched culture, NOT being seen with a Starbucks or Tim Horton’s coffee cup in your hand, or a travel mug, is also considered passe and “out of touch”.

Dressed for EternityMy latest book, “Dressed for Eternity”, spends most of its time unpacking how God adorns His Bride – The Church, in the Scriptures, and then spends a bit of time at the end discussing issues of modesty.  This issue has been tackled by various authors, teachers, and preachers over the years, but research shows that such efforts as currently promoted, are leaving youth and young adults disillusioned with the church’s concept of fashion, confused about their personal worth, and reactions range from extreme cover-up to all-out rebellion against these teachings.  My section on modesty aims to address the root of these reactions and offer a view of modesty that both men and women can ascribe to and live out without fear of losing their self-worth or their fashion sense.

Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School GraduateCombine this book with my grad gift, “Mom’s Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate”, and you’ll have an encouraging message for your young adult every time they flip a page.  “Mom’s Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate” offers practical tidbits of advice in a quote-style layout, one per page.  The flip-side to every page has a Scripture verse.  Topics range from personal care and grocery shopping, to household safety and finances.  Daily interaction with others and spiritual care are also mentioned.  Charts and calendars assist your graduate with planning out personal devotional times, daily chores, grocery lists and budgeting.

Graduation season lasts from now until the end of June in most places, but it stretches into July for other school systems around the world.  Therefore, from now until July 31st, you can pick up a combined paperback set consisting of both “Mom’s Little Black Book” and “Dressed for Eternity”, for $40 if ordered through me directly.  This does not include shipping and handling charges.  “Dressed for Eternity” is usually $50 to $60 online, and “Mom’s Little Black Book” generally goes for $12.  Get both books for $40 plus shipping and handling.  Shipping can take anywhere from 4 or 5 days to 3 weeks depending on where it’s going.

So help your High School Graduate navigate adult life with all it’s pressures, by getting this grad bundle!  Be sure to order with enough time for the package to get to you before the big day!

Click below to order.  The first 10 orders will be entered into a draw for a digital set of this same package.  So if your graduate prefers to read PDF’s or ebooks, get the paperback set for yourself and another grad on your list.  Even college graduates may appreciate this set of books.

This bundled offer has now expired.

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