List of Places to Leave Ratings and Reviews

Songdove Books - reviewsI just realized that this blog/website does not yet have a list of places where readers can leave reviews of my books!  There is a list of where to buy them around the world, a list utilizing, etcetera, a partial list in the pullout tab on the side here of where to find me online, but no list you can click on when you feel like leaving a review!

The following was shared on my Facebook author page this spring, and now it’s high time I shared it with you!  I’ll have to figure out a permanent place here to put this, but for now, here it is in blog post format:

Deeper Shopping:
Boomerang Books:
Barnes & Noble:
Google Play:
My website:
Library Thing:

Remember these links go to my books, but each site’s search feature lets you find the books of other authors as well to leave reviews for them. Reviews help other book lovers find books they might enjoy based off the reviews and ratings left by readers like yourself. So if you’ve read my books and want to leave a review, this is the list to use. If I’ve left out a place, let me know.