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lorilyn - biopic

Welcome to the Virtual Book Tour for, “A Year In Prayer With Jesus”!

We are pleased to feature Lorilyn Roberts today and her upcoming book, “Seventh Dimension, Book 2: The King – A Young Adult Fantasy”

bookcover-lorilynrobertsAfter a series of devastating events, a gifted seventeen-year-old Israeli boy becomes the focus of a wager between good and evil. Marked by one of them, he travels to first century Israel and meets a doctor he admires and longs to be like.

When he unwittingly makes a pact with the devil and the girl he loves is betrothed to another, his life takes a different course. Has God abandoned him forever or will he find truth and redemption in a Jewish rabbi who claims to be the Messiah?

Available through online bookstores August 2014.
For more information and to read chapter one, go to: http://lorilynroberts.com/the_king_book_two_seventh_dimension.html

lorilyn - biopicLorilyn graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Alabama in 1991. Her studies included spending two weeks in Israel at the start of the Gulf War and touring England, Australia, New Zealand, and several countries in Europe. She later attended the Institute of Children’s Literature and earned her Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Perelandra College.

Read more at http://lorilynroberts.com/lorilynbio.html#ri3MgkXVovdDM7MK.99


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Be sure to stop by Lorilyn’s blog on July 5th as she hosts the next stop on this virtual book tour!

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