ADF Releases Crucial Guide for Christian College and University Students

Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School GraduateAs most of my readers will know, my own teenagers graduated back in 2013.  At that time, not knowing what to give them for a grad gift, I wrote them a book of tidbits of Godly advice and called the book, “Mom’s Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate”.  Each facing page contains a verse of Scripture.  It has note pages, calendars, charts, sample budget sheets, etc.  The goal was to write something that would continue to speak into their lives long after they left home.  It was made available to the public for $10 – $12 each, but I couldn’t say much about it due to my own kids getting it as a gift that June.

I’m not the only one wanting to be sure your kids are armed with what they need to survive secular educational institutions in North America, Australia, Britain, etc.  Focus on the Family has been putting together survival packs for many years and now the Alliance Defending Freedom has come out with their own manual in conjunction with the release of “God’s Not Dead” on DVD.  Their manual is called “Knowing Your Rights on Campus”.   In addition to this manual, they have case studies of students who have or in some cases still are, having to fight to maintain religious freedom on their campuses.

“Mom’s Little Black Book” Godly Advice for the High School Graduate” and ADF’s “Know Your Rights on Campus” in combination with the latest film, “God’s Not Dead” would be a perfect trio of backpack stuffers as your child heads out the door! Better yet, get this trio and go through some of it with them before they leave for college or university!

Religious freedom is under attack in Canada, the US, Britain, and other nations where previously it was ok to live for Christ out loud. Prepare your young adults for the new and spiritually unfriendly reality out there!

“Mom’s Little Black Book” is on sale at the following locations until August 31st:

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