Review of “Writing in Holiness” by David Bergsland

Writing in Holiness - David Bergsland

Writing in Holiness - David BergslandAs a Christian author determined to write what God drops into her lap, and as a member of the Bride of Christ desirous to live a holy and obedient life of faith, this book was a refreshing read. (paid link to the left)

David preaches the kind of holy living that I wish was heard in the larger Christian community these days.  Applying the concepts of holy living to one’s writing career from content to marketing and promotion is gratifying.  However, based on what I have come up against within members of my own extended family and within the larger church family found in western society, David’s teachings could easily create friction, cause offense, and leave more liberal Christian authors completely aghast!  He doesn’t apologize.

I am unable to comment on the technical presentation of this book, as I was given a beta copy to review and David was in the middle of extensive edits at the time.

Challenges to both fiction and non-fiction writers regarding keeping content within the confines of Scriptural principles was encouraging.  I’ve met authors who see no problem with extensive artistic license to the point of straying from concepts found in Scripture so badly as to appear to contradict them in the name of fictional expression.  Encouragement to engage in above-board marketing techniques was also a breath of fresh air.  David does a good job pointing out where that uncomfortable feeling comes from while working to build an author platform and promote one’s books.

David is quick to say that he doesn’t have all the answers in the marketing half of this book.  I am one of those authors who find it very awkward to promote myself.  The world teaches that you as the author, are your own brand, and that you need to promote your brand.  As a webmaster, branding means your logo, your website’s appearance that jives with your business cards, company brochure, and posters, bags, or other consumables your customers may make use of.  In the world of writing, your brand is the reason you write, the kind of writing you wish to become known for, the message you want to be heard sharing, and, unfortunately, your face and name.

In a modern world where we have celebrity pastors, celebrity worship leaders, celebrity self-styled prophets, and celebrity authors, actors, etcetera, the last thing I want to be known as is yet another Christian celebrity.  So how a Christian authors sets about promoting and marketing their work and making it known in the Christian community without catering to worldly marketing concepts is a challenge yet to be uncovered and fully explored.

It is my prayer that this book will (paid link) make its way  into many Christian authors’ hands and that it will contribute to and encourage other Christian authors both in their faith walk and in their writing careers.

Great job David!

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