Welcome to a totally new rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”!

Songdove Books 12 Days of Christmas

Songdove Books 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days, 12 Books, 12 Blogs and 12 online retailers featuring a range of discounts from 5% to as much as 75% off!

These 12 days, because of their correlation to gift shopping and saving money, will run from December 1st to December 12th.  This is to allow for those who wish to order paperback books and have them shipped in time to get to their desired location hopefully in time for Christmas.

12x12x12x12  I’d have presented that in a cube gif, but all such tools I found made for very jerky or shaky images.  So we won’t be doing the cube presentation.  Instead, let me encourage you to review and bookmark the following slideshare presentation!

While most links are clickable in this presentation, some slides do not have active links in this introductory slideshow.  But that’s ok.  The links that are important will be shared as we travel through the coming 12 days.

Each day, you’ll discover a new book at a new retailer on a new blog.  Some blog locations you may already be familiar with.  Some retailers you may already do business with.  But for those areas where you have never been before, this discount tour will be one of adventure and surprises, as well as learning a bit more about where you can find both myself and Songdove Books online.

In addition, each day will have a contest for the book’s digital version.  If you have already won the book being featured that day, in previous contests, please don’t enter again for the exact same book.  Let someone else win it this time.

Over the next four days, I’ll introduce you to the line-up, beginning with the 12 books that will be heavily discounted this Christmas season.  Do note that all book sales will run the entire length of the discount tour, so don’t worry about missing out because you skipped a day.

Pass this around and invite your friends!  The best part of this discount tour is that it begins on December 1st, AFTER the American Thanksgiving!  Sit back and enjoy your family, friends, co-workers, and church buddies.  Hide your keys and hide your wallet until the weekend is over.  When you wake up Monday morning, dig them back out and prepare to get your last-minute Christmas shopping done a little more cheaply this year.

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