12x12x12x12 – Introduction to the 12 Online Retailers Participating in this Discount Tour!

Songdove Books 12 Days of Christmas - Retailers

Songdove Books 12 Days of Christmas - Retailershttps://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/store/
Songdove Books very own blog store allows buyers to purchase “direct from the author” as opposed to a third-party site.  Paperback books are dropshipped to the buyer and ebooks are emailed to the buyer via the email address provided at time of checkout via paypal.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a paypal account, you are able use credit card via the paypal interface without an account.

Storenvy lets anyone set up a shop and sell just about anything!  Songdove Books has a store there offering not just paperbacks, but also notebooks, pens, and a few other items to enhance your reading enjoyment.  Products are dropshipped from their source of manufacturing.

Gumroad is similar to storenvy, but is geared toward the sale of digital goods.  Physical goods may also be sold there, so Songdove Books is offering paperback options, digital versions of Marilynn’s books, and the first of 12 prayer card downloadable sets.

eBay is a short-term auction site whose apparently automated relisting service doesn’t always relist as advertised.  However, for the duration of this 12 day discount tour, Songdove Books will be offered here with listings beginning at just above wholesale.  Each auction will run for five days, ending the day of each book’s feature. The advantage of this method is that you can watch the auction and put in your bid last-minute to get a better chance at winning that particular auction.  If you jump in while others are bidding earlier in the process, you’ll drive up the needed bid to win.  (oops, did I just give away an auction secret???)

Createspace is the paperback printer behind the Songdove Books imprint!  As a division of Amazon.com, Createspace allows authors to get into print faster than by hiring agents, waiting on traditional publisher rejection letters (which may never come), and putting out money on vanity publishers.  All Songdove Books in paperback are available for sale directly from Createspace at links that will be provided throughout the tour.

Smashwords is one of two major distribution channels for ebooks.  They have some rules that make it difficult to successfully use their service if certain requirements by an author are in place.  If an author doesn’t have those requirements, then smashwords is a bit easier to use.  Two Songdove Books are offered on this site and will be featured on tour.

(paid link)http://www.smarturl.it/MarilynnDawson 
Amazon.com!  While many major book retailers don’t offer the ability for an author to control their book prices, and even though Amazon has been fighting courts and other major publishers over book prices, they are still a good place to go when looking for deals.  All Songdove Books in paperback and four of them in e-book format are available on Amazon.  The ebooks will be marked down significantly for the duration of this 12 days of Christmas discount tour.

Songs From the Word offers a service to authors called New Christian Books where authors with newer books can list them for sale on their site.  Paperback, PDF and e-book versions of various Songdove Books are offered here for sale.

Thanks to Kobo Writing Life, and Draft 2 Digital, four of Songdove Books are available for both Kobo and Nook ereaders.  If everything when through when it was supposed to, you’ll see steep discounts on these four books during this sale.

Scribd claims to be the largest document repository on the ‘net!  They accept a wide range of document types, and allow the document creator to offer them for free, or for a price.  All Songdove Books are present here in either PDF or e-book format and will be marked down for the duration of this sale.

Calling Android users!!!  I may not be able to control pricing on iTunes other than through Draft2Digital, but I CAN control prices directly on Google Play in their partner centre.  Expect to find Songdove Books seriously marked down on Google Play over the coming 12 Days of Christmas discount tour!

Tomely, similar to Gumroad, allows for the sale of ebooks and such online.  Four of Songdove Books are available here and will discounts during the 12 Days of Christmas discount tour.  If you choose to share a link to the book you wish to buy, you will get an additional 5% off the retail price just for helping me get the word out.

These 12 locations are not the only places where you can find Songdove Books, but they are the places where I have direct access to controlling prices for the sake of this tour.  To find more places where you can buy my books, please visit:
https://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/where-to-buy-around-the-world/  Don’t forget to review the right-hand centre column to leave a review of the book(s) you read.

Remember, it all begins December 1st!  For my American readers, take your Thanksgiving holiday and RELAX!!!  Steer clear of Black Friday and start your Christmas book shopping on Monday instead!  You won’t regret it.

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