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Songdove Books - Valentine's Week Promotion - Dressed for Eternity

Songdove Books - Pink RosesTomorrow is February 7th!  Do you know what that means???  It means a very special day is fast approaching!  This is perhaps, more than any other date on the calendar, the most polarizing observance in the western world!  Couples love it!  Singles hate it!  But whether attached or unattached, Christians have a reason to celebrate the idea of this observance all year ’round!  Yes, I know that last statement sounds a lot like what we hear at Christmastime, but no, clearly we are beyond the Christmas celebrations.

I am speaking of Valentine’s Day!  This day was set aside in honour of a man who legend says was the first person to ever send a card to a lover.  The catholic church sainted him and at some point in history, this day was set aside to honour his memory by sending cards and gifts to those we love.

The reason I suggest that Christians, whether attached to someone else or not, can engage in this celebration, is because we have an eternal Bridegroom waiting for the Father’s signal to return for His Bride, which is made up of those in the Church who have both watched and prepared themselves for His coming.

Cover Art for next book: Dressed for Eternity“Dressed for Eternity” introduces the reader to an ancient ritual in the Jewish marriage custom that God patterns Christ’s behaviour after with regards to the Church.  Following this introduction, the book takes the reader on a trip through history, archeology, Scripture, and scientific observation to delve more deeply into how God adorns His Bride in the Scriptures.

Why did God choose the stones He did?  What purpose or meaning could be behind His choice of garments, footwear and jewelry?  Is there significance in how He stated the Levitical priests should dress and do the precious stones of the New Jerusalem’s foundation have anything to contribute?

This year, why not find out for yourself? 

Songdove Books - Valentine's Week Promotion - Dressed for Eternity

Beginning tomorrow, February 7th, there will be a week-long rafflecopter giveaway for one free epub copy of “Dressed for Eternity”.  Each day this week there will be presentations from the book, beginning with a small one year celebration of the launch of this book a year ago on February 8th 2014.  We’ll wrap up with a slideshow presentation the day before the draw takes place on the 14th.  During this week, “Dressed for Eternity” will be available from select online retailers either in paperback or in e-book formats, all at discounted prices.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s inaugural post and be ready to enter the giveaway!  You’ll have multiple ways to enter, and you may engage in each them once per day to increase your chances of winning this book.

I look forward to celebrating with you!
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Here’s a bonus link for you!  Do you like to coordinate your life?  Check out Dressed for Eternity at!

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