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Songdove Books - Wilderness Tabernacle

Songdove Books - Wilderness TabernacleSo I’ve reached the end of Exodus.  The 10 Commandments have been given, the Tabernacle has finally been built, and the second book of the Torah is finished.

When I was a child, my parents ran a Sunday School mission in a logging camp an hour out of town in a little place called Holberg.  We ministered there for three years and at one point during that time, God impressed upon my parents to spend some time in the Book of Hebrews.  Through their study of the book of Hebrews, they ended up spending a fair bit of time in Exodus going over the various aspects of the Wilderness Tabernacle.  It was fascinating to put it mildly!

Every single aspect of the Wilderness Tabernacle points to Christ!  From the altar of sacrifice to the laver of purification.  From the lampstand to the altar of incense.  From the shewbread to the Holy of Holies.  Even the colours present in the carefully-crafted tapestries that formed the tent, the veil, and the gate all speak of who Christ is and what He came to do.

Thanks to Christ’s death on the Cross, paying for our sins once and for all, that veil that separated the people from the Holy of Holies has been torn in two and the way flung open for ALL to enter in to God’s very presence!  No longer is it necessary for a human High Priest to go in for us, but now we are all invited into God’s chambers, every single one of us, entering through Christ’s ultimate sacrifice.

Those who have read my book, “Dressed for Eternity” will remember how I talk about the garments of the High Priest and those of the Levites, at length.  You’ll remember how I shared about the anointing oil’s composition, and how the book begins with an indepth look at each of the stones on Aaron’s Breastplate.

Everything God dictated to Moses about this amazing physical illustration of Christ, was not only detailed and precise, but precisely accurate as to the message being given of each and every aspect of Christ’s mission, character, and the Christian’s life hid in Christ.

Cover Art for next book: Dressed for EternityIf you haven’t had a chance yet to pick up your own copy of “Dressed for Eternity”, you’ll want to do that.  The e-book is $9.99 at most online retailers, and the paperback ranges from $36 at some locations to over $60 at others around the world.  The book features a full-colour interior to assist the reader in visualizing various precious stones, ancient jewelry, clothing, spices and more mentioned in the pages of Scripture.

If you ever get a chance to read the book of Hebrews and the Tabernacle passages in Exodus together, go for it!  The study will fascinate and amaze you!

Want a virtual tour of the Tabernacle?

Just for fun, download the cortana 3D viewer here.  Bookmark this blog article then close your browser.  Install the 3D viewer and let it show you a sample 3D image.  Your browser should reopen and ask to activate the cortana plugin.  Close that test page, come back to this article and click the above question.  You’ll be taken to a 3D virtual representation of the wilderness Tabernacle.  Use the various tools across the bottom of the screen and your mouse to walk or fly around the Tabernacle.  Doorways open, flames move, candles flicker.

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