“Back to School Bundle for the Entire Family!”

Songdove Books: 2015-BACK TO SCHOOL BUNDLE

Yes, it IS that time of year again!  For some, classes are already in session.  For others, classes are due to resume following Labour Day in September.  Regardless of when children and teachers are returning to the classroom, its hard not to observe all the sales going on in the stores right now!  Paper, pencils, rulers, backpacks, calculators, cellphones and more!

Here at Songdove Books, we’re offering a:

Songdove Books: 2015-BACK TO SCHOOL BUNDLEThis bundle includes:

“A Year in Prayer With Jesus” paperback edition to allow for you and your family to not only use it for family devotions everyday for the coming fiscal year, but also to personalize it with your own thoughts and notes as you go along. Join the disciples as they sit at the feet of Jesus and learn how to pray. If you wish, send me the date you started it and I’ll enter it into my calendar. I’d love to see my author website calendar fill up with people covering the year in prayer.

Recent feedback on this book from a mother who used it for her family devotions:

“. . . the book was very well received. I love the way you put the scriptures with each topic so the children can do Bible drill races with them. They enjoy that and the challenge of applying them to everyday life.”

“Dressed for Eternity” will make a great addition to your family’s bookshelf as you discover how precious metals, gemstones, fancy cloth and more play into the life of the believer in Christ. Join me as we visit Rome, Egypt, India and Israel as we discover ancient practises and rituals that have meaning today. A bibliography at the end of the book lets you engage in further research as you desire.

“Mom’s Little Black Book” is aimed at the high-schooler graduating this year, and can be packed in the dufflebag of your child heading off to college this year. It is filled with tidbits of advice both from a godly parent as well as from Scripture itself. Charts, note pages, and sample budget sheets round out its pages.

No family bundle would be complete without the ability to enjoy some baking while reading or discussing God’s Word! Therefore, the baker of the house will be pleased to find the e-book, “Pumpkin Pie From the Ground Up! (Well, sort of!)” included in this bundle! Why do I say “sort of” in that title? I don’t actually teach you how to grow and harvest your pumpkin. That little quip is also indicative of other humorous comments sprinkled elsewhere in the book itself. Simply place your eReader on a stand in the kitchen, and avoid getting it covered with ingredients. Just remember to bring your own crust!

Get all four books for a grand total of $74.49! That’s $22.49 in savings if each book were purchased from Amazon, and as much as $25 or more in savings if purchased from other locations online!

This deal is only available direct from me, the author!

Use the paypal link below, or contact me for the email address(using one of the social media sites listed on my contact page)  to use when sending payment via Interac e-transfer. Be sure to supply your mailing address to receive the paperbacks which will be drop-shipped to you from the warehouse, and the desired email address to receive the recipe e-book.


Sale ends October 31st!

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