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Songdove Books - Flaming EarthIn a dream my daughter shared with me for a second time tonight, she and Isaiah had gone to a youth conference in another town, they went into an auditorium packed full of people.  Much was being said and it was unsettling, but she had not paid attention to what exactly was being shared.  They went back to the hotel room and part way through the night, a dog was observed rotting but acting like a regular dog otherwise. Things started to cascade, birds, cats, all living regular lives but zombified and the sight of them freaked out those that saw them.  The next night people began turning into mindless husks, trying to make you one of them, hotel guests were freaking out.  Those that remained of the youth that had travelled with Ashley and Isaiah met at the bus and then found themselves running all over town.  At one point they went into someone’s house, more towns folk were beating up against glass, one broke in, the kids had to break out and dash, going up  a road past a hill behind the conference complex.  They climbed this hill and found themselves overlooking what appeared to be a peaceful town in the morning light.

Tonight, Ashley came out of her room after saying goodnight prayers, saying that the time for these events to occur in the real world, with the dream being a metaphor, was tonight and that stuff was to begin coming to pass beginning this evening, sept 17th. She came out to remind me of this dream, which she’d actually had much earlier in the year, holding her head.  After reminding me of the dream’s contents and telling me that the sense she was getting was that it would all unfold tonight, she felt an ease in her spirit and went back to bed.

Before she left for bed, I asked her what she felt was going to be the manifestation of this, but all she could come up with were the following:

  • Sonddove Books: Figures_012_The_Lord_confounds_the_languages_of_all_the_EarthThe spreading of info to a mass of people such as via media, social networks, etc.
  • The world dying around us but still moving on as if it were alive
  • Humans being drained of their personalities and wanting to make you part of the hoard.

I flipped through the news tonight as I began prepping for bed myself, praying as I scanned the headlines searching for anything that might smack of what she saw in her dream.  I saw two events that I’ve been hearing about, but that seemed to get “closer to home” so to speak.

1) The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church heading for Cuba.  With the news saying when he reaches the UN and the USA, he will bring addresses related to climate change, inter-faith messages, and more, the news is bothersome to say the least.

2) The Iran Nuclear Deal.  In spite of the US congress trying to veto Obama’s plans, apparently Thursday evening he began putting elements of the deal into place.

A third bit of news that is of concern involves Putin in Syria.  Apparently he is spearheading a military build-up in Syria and NATO, in particular the US, is on edge over it and trying to get answers out of Russia as to why they are doing this.

One thing I do know as I have watched international news from various sources over the past 20 years, Russia as the bear with the feet of a leopard, has had long and deep roots in the Middle East and is once again flexing it’s might and muscle.

The second thing I know, is that Iran somehow has something to do with the passage in Ezekiel where Israel is described as cleaning up after nuclear fall-out, complete with rods, hazmat suits, and more!

Much talk has been made this past year regarding the Jewish year of Jubilee and the Shmitah, along with the blood moons as their messages have related to the nation of Israel.

We are in the birth pangs before the “Days of Awe”, the very birth pangs spoken of by Christ in Matthew 24.  Every mother knows that the birth pangs begin with each contraction hitting hours or even days apart.  Then they get closer together as time passes.  For some women, this speed up can go from mere hours to minutes, for other mothers this can go from days to hours then to minutes. Regardless of where they began, every mother can recount how eventually those birth pangs became very close together and brought extreme pain as the body prepared to give birth.  Some women had to go on drips to relieve the pain while others toughed it out.

We are in the middle of the birth pangs of the time clock God has set down for the redemption of His people Israel.  Those birth pangs include war, famine, pestilence, unrest, deception, and more.  Persecution of the saints is among these birth pangs and that carries on both sides of the rapture because Christians who had not given the Holy Spirit free reign (the oil in the virgins’ lamps) will have missed the rapture and be sitting ducks for those engaging in open season on anyone of faith other than that of worship to the beast and the Antichrist.  Because of the roles God has given some of the world leaders at this time, there are people once again playing the “Who is the Antichrist” game.  Currently all suspects come up short on some aspect of the description of this man of lawlessness as given in the various passages of Scripture spanning Daniel to Revelation.  Various people have embodied various aspects of this man throughout history, so it is not wise to speculate on who he will be or who we think might fit the bill, because others who were dogmatic about this kind of thing were wrong in the past.  But rumours are swirling, and only those who miss the rapture will be able to confirm who ascends the enemy’s counterfeit one world government’s throne.

1000px-Globe.svgThe need for a one world government has been on the UN agenda since before it was called the UN.  They have tried various ways to get the world’s population to accept such a concept.  In public schools it is referred to as learning how to be a good global citizen.  Patrotism is downplayed and anyone showing pride in their God-given country of origin is considered a threat to global citizenry.  That however failed to have the mass effect necessary.  Carefully timed releases of supposedly deadly diseases failed to bring calls for enough international oversight to create a singular head under which all countries would unite.  Climate change, although now seen for the scientific sham that it is, seems to be the latest calling card toward one world government with even the most revered and dare I say, worshipped, spiritual leader alive stepping into the fray to encourage all countries and churches to do their part in reversing this situation.  This same religious figure is stepping further into national affairs by calling for churches under his control to take in Syrian refugees who appear to be causing significant trouble for those nations who have already tried to open their borders in good faith.  Germany and Hungary are two such nations already paying the price for trying to help those who might genuinely be in need.

One Iranian leader years ago felt it was his role to bring enough chaos to the world so as to usher in the 12th Imam known as the Mahdi.  Interestingly enough, Islamic descriptions of this person closely match God’s descriptions of the Antichrist.

The Orthodox Catholic church has in it’s own end-time theology that the 12th pope would be the last.  Because Pope Francis is the 12th pope, his comment about not lasting long in his position has catholics wondering whats up and Christians wondering if he has a role to play such as that of the false prophet who would unite all religions under one banner, urging everyone to worship the beast and false prophet in the book of Revelation.

How do people who are brainwashed often be described as acting?  They tend to be described as walking around with blank stares, empty eyes, and acting almost robotic in their obedience to their overlords.  But what would cause creation to act the same way?  Could some company such as Monsanto contribute to strange animal behaviour? Or is this metaphorical for other things that will appear to be animalistic, disintegrating yet acting like life is otherwise normal?  Is this not how life is becoming for those overrun by Islamic militant groups across the Middle East and parts of Africa?  Traumatized people are said to have such behaviour, appearing normal from a distance, but dazed, blank, and almost “not there” while others around them causing the chaos are crazed and seeking to make others become just like them.  Islamic groups are starting to fight each other on the militant stage again, just as Hamas and Hezbollah duked it out on the hills of Lebanon years ago.  But while the memes are breaking out the popcorn wondering how all this will turn out, we as Christians are not called to that particular ringside seat!  At least not if we want to avoid becoming one of them!

As Christians, we may indeed find ourselves among the masses that the media is trying to reach with messages of false unity under an international banner set up in the name of earth worship, I mean climate change and “going green” to save “mother earth”.  We may find ourselves inundated with calls to rejoin the “mother church” and some of the major spiritual leaders of the faith from Australia to the USA are already falling for this ruse and agreeing to meet with the Pope at some of his integration meetings.  We may find ourselves under the voices of those who would seek to sway us when it comes to the world’s definition of tolerance and increasingly loud voices are calling Scripture into question like never before with insidious and twisted thought patterns that are deceiving even pastors I know personally.

Songdove Books - Author's Bible open to Psalm119-9Those of us who choose to stand by the inerrant, infallible and living Word of God will find ourselves leaving these throngs, banding together where we can, and discovering that even when we meet in each others’ homes that those from the outside will try to beat their way in.  Yes, at times it will feel as if we are running from our own kind because they have fallen prey to the enemy’s schemes and don’t even realize it.

Events taking place this very weekend coupled with events that began over the past couple weeks already, are setting the stage for a period of history that those before us will be glad they never lived through!  Calls are going out to stay in the Word.  This is a two-fold call as the Word is not merely text on the pages of Scripture, but a very real personage in the name of Jesus Christ, second member of the Godhead!  To call the Scriptures into question is to question the very truth of who Jesus Christ is, because He is called the Word not only by the mouth of others such as John Chapter 1, but by His own mouth in the Gospels as well.  Christ can only be true to Himself and no other.  So if He expounded the Holy Scriptures to the disciples on the road to Emmaus, then we must decide and declare that no matter what the scholars and so-called theologians say about the Scriptures, they are the written Word of God and to be treated in the same way we treat Christ, or we become a house divided.

On the surface for some, the scene described is so far beneath that all looks calm and quiet from a distance.  The mountain top doesn’t show what goes on beneath the brush on the valley floor, beneath rooftops and behind closed doors.  The streets may appear quiet from that vantage point, but they are anything but!

The only way for God’s people to avoid being deceived is to know God’s Word, be plugged in to the Holy Spirit, keep their eyes and ears open to God for direction and to the world for warning.  Now is not the time for fear, fright, paralysis, disinterest, disenchantment, scoffing or derision within the Body of Christ as we look out on the world stage.  Instead, now is the time for vigilance, alertness, sobriety, prayer, wisdom, and seeking God for discernment, insight and foresight so that we can see through the enemy’s lies, know what to do and how and when to do it.

How much of Ashley’s dream is metaphorical I don’t know, but she does see it as a metaphor for things that she felt in her spirit were receiving their kickstart tonight, Thursday September 17th.  Be watchful, be in prayer, don’t neglect the Word of God and don’t question it’s authority, veracity or authenticity.  Allowing doubts about God’s Word to seep into one’s life will undermine their faith and strip them spiritually naked.  The voices are getting louder, but we must never lose touch with Gods’ still small voice.  Don’t lose your focus either.  The waves are getting higher and more ferocious, winds are threatening to buffet those who feel the foundations creaking.  But this too is a completion of prophecy as God said that all that could be shaken will be shaken.  This shaking will occur within and without the church as God makes final preparations for His Bride to be taken up and has final preparations are made for the Age of Grace to close and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble to begin.  Where you stand is entirely up to you.  Will you be out there rescuing those you can while avoiding those who would beat you into submission?  Will you be observing those stupified into mindless obedience or be one of the mindless yourself?  Will you look out over the false peace that may settle here and there and believe it to be true or see through the guise to the dangers lurking behind the idyllic scenes?

Mothers don’t quit in childbirth.  They bear up under the pain of the birthpangs and they push through until their child is born.  So too, we must not quit in these troubling times, but see them through to all God has foreseen to bring to pass.  Hold tight to Jesus Christ, seek the Holy Spirit like never before, put God’s Word into daily practice, and strap on your seatbelt!  Those of us with a front row seat see quite a wild ride ahead.  There will be times to hang on for dear life and times to reach out to others because they would lose grip and be lost otherwise.

These thoughts remind me of a Facebook public note that I wrote on April 21, 2011. This note was written regarding the current zombie craze in entertainment that was all the rage in recent years and in some cases, has not died down.  I would encourage the reader to read that article as well.

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