Book Review: Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry

Corine Hyman - Teaching Christ's Children About Feeling Angry

Corine Hyman - Teaching Christ's Children About Feeling AngryToday Songdove Books joins another blog tour, offering a review of Author, Corine Hyman’s latest Children’s Book: Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry (paid link to the left)

This may be a great children’s book, but the simple and well-presented message is a healthy reminder for us adults as well.  Many Christians either don’t know what God says in His Word about anger, or have the mistaken impression that anger is in itself, also a sin.  Of course we know that anger is not a sin, or Christ would have sinned when He got angry as recorded in the Gospels.  Scripture actually has some helpful things to say about anger and Corine has done a great job pulling out that message in her book.

The illustrations found within the pages of “Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry” are very well done, with an excellent twist!  At one point, our little heroine in the story is seen searching her room.  Corine’s earlier children’s book, “What is Love?” is seen strewn on the floor along with other items.  Well played Corine!  Well played!  Corine has indeed written other children’s books that are well worth your time to check out.

A visit to Corine’s blog offers us a glimpse into her business and author profile:

Author Corine Hyman“Corine Hyman is a clinical psychologist who has been helping families for close to 10 years.  Currently, she lives in Baltimore, MD where she has opened her home to children without families by becoming a foster parent. The idea for her first book, Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time, was placed in her heart many years ago and since its publishing Corine has published several other books including: What Is Love, My Journey with Jesus Christ, Jaden Goes to Foster Care, and Why I Give. With the exception of Jaden Goes to Foster Care, each book is designed to use the Bible to help both children and adults understand the biblical bases for why Christians do what they do.”

“Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry” (paid link) is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

I am pleased to add this book to my “Books Reviewed” category of my Amazon Store.  In addition to my reviews being shared right here on my blog, feel free to click here to view other books I have reviewed, directly on Amazon.

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