The proactive bird gets the worm!

The Poor Man's Budget

Songdove Books - Winter QuailNot the bird that runs around imitating quail caught in perpetual indecision.  Not the bird running around imitating a dead chicken’s nerves in the barnyard.  No, we’re talking about the bird who imitates the Robin, ear to the ground, following the sound of dinner as it invariably pops near the surface somewhere.  The bird that imitates the ducks and geese as they locate scattered grain and pickings in harvested farmers’ fields.  There are ALWAYS crumbs somewhere that others overlook!  Even the majestic Bald Eagle has to eat and hunt for its food.

The typical Okanagan black crow has become the avian version of such a bird as I describe here.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The cunning, intelligent, thoughtful, observant nature of this bird means that not only does it take the best from the other bird populations around it, it does so in a way that is amiable, candid, even to the point of standing watch for other species and mourning their dead as well as its own.  The Okanagan crow is both enterprising and multi-cultural.  It isn’t limited to strictly scavenging for its food.  It has learned from other birds around it and acted on what it has learned.

In light of the current Canadian economic climate as it reflects against the US economy and the world stage at large, we Canadians need to put our cunning, intelligent, thoughtful, enterprising hats back on and once again make lemonade where others can only see sour lemons!  The thing to consider is that when times get tight, pocket books don’t fill as fast and empty much faster than they did before.  It behooves us then to come up with ways to help each other that go the long term.  Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and not only do you feed him for life, but he can go on to teach others how to fish and raise the community standard for life as well.  What God has taught me about my own finances only helps me when the income is there to engage in it.  I do those around me a dis-service in these lean times if I don’t share what God has taught me.

Don’t worry, I am not in competition with Dave Ramsey or others out there who teach financial management in the home or in the business.  To begin with, Dave’s courses are too high-priced for anyone in my financial bracket to afford.  The concepts he teaches are sound, but he can have the higher-class students who can afford his courses.  Most of the people I rub shoulders with are struggling in some way just like I am, although many of them have some sort of job already.  Others are in between jobs or trying to make it on their own in typical Canadian entrepreneurial fashion.  Like myself, they see pennies fly through their fingers sometimes faster than they can count them.  Therefore, I am going to see what I can do to make my course “The Poor Man’s Budget” more visible to those who may want to learn the concepts found in its pages.  I will be talking to, or trying to talk to various sources who may be instrumental in allowing me to teach this course either in their venues or to their clientele in the hopes of helping others get a handle on their personal finances and consequently have an easier trip through the current economic landscape.
The Poor Man's Budget
The three books in this course:  The Instructor’s Manual, the Student’s Workbook, and the Three Month Journal, are all available directly from me.  Orders must be pre-paid via e-transfer, cheque, cash, or Paypal and are drop-shipped to you usually within 2 weeks or sooner.

The combined cost of all three books is $23.00 +$10 shipping and handling to most places in Canada.  Paypal and e-transfers are accepted to  Cash is accepted in person only.  Cheques may be sent to the address on the downloadable PDF general order form at:

NOTE:  Only the class instructor needs a copy of the manual.

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