April Fools – In God’s eyes, who would the fools be?

Songdove Books - April Fools!

Songdove Books - April Fools!It’s a peeve of mine every year.  I warn those near me not to engage in it or face the consequences.  I’m often seen as a kill-joy as a result, and this post will probably be taken in that vein by those who don’t see a problem with the subject matter.  But this time I have to vent about this “holiday” we call, April Fools Day.

I’m not certain as to the origin of this day, but I do know it seems to be a favourite among those who have no problem lieing to their friends, family and coworkers.  Now for the unsaved world to engage in such behaviour is nothing we should be very shocked at.  Lieing after all, is seen as a tool rather than the sin that it is.  Getting someone to believe something other than the truth is all a lie is, whether the result is achieved by saying something, not saying something, doing something, or not doing something.

Songdove Books - 10 CommandmentsAs Christians, we all agree that lieing is in the list of 10 Commandments that we should not do.  But it’s amazing how many Christians are unaware of the fact that God’s view of lieing is first seen in the story of Abraham and that His strongest dislike for it is actually seen after the Age of Grace begins in the book of Acts.  But once a year, and more often for others such as at Christmas and Easter or when a child loses a tooth, many Christians think it’s OK to lie.  They justify it a wide number of ways and accuse people like me of being a kill-joy for pointing out that even positive or benevolent reasons do not justify sin.

But April Fools isn’t merely about getting someone to believe something that isn’t true, it’s also all about ribbing those who actually expect that they will be told the truth and who are shocked when they discover the so-called joke or prank is on them!  Scripture tells us to let our yes be yes and our no be no.  We are told not to lead others astray and to be our brother’s keeper.  We are told not to make promises we won’t or can’t keep to God or to each other.  The concept that a Christian would expect others to lie to them rather than expect others to be truthful to them is very telling on those who regularly engage in these things.

Songdove Books - Toilet PaperI’m not talking about toilet-papering the neighbor’s car.  That’s not a lie.  I’m talking about filling the sugar container with salt, or putting a lid on a container just enough that it stays put till tipped over a person’s plate.  I’m talking about plastic-wrapping the toilet bowl and other pranks that have a person believing something is as it should be until they try to use it.  We are not to be lieing to each other for any reason!

Making people think one thing only to have another thing be true. . . Positive reasons for this have been in the vein of surprises where people think one thing is going to happen and discover a different thing is going on instead.  I find myself wondering what God thinks of such scenarios.  Isn’t deception a form of lieing?  Doesn’t God get after people in the Scriptures about deceiving others?  I am reminded of a story where a guy planned on proposing and marrying his girlfriend on the same day.  He went to great lengths to arrange everything and for the most part, pulled it off without the need for deception in any way.  He got the girl’s best friend to suggest they meet up at a certain location at a certain time in the afternoon and it was at that location where he proposed.  There are definitely ways to do things that don’t involve deception or outright lieing.

Annanias and Saphira lost their lives because of trying to lie to the Holy Spirit and the Apostle Peter in the book of Acts.  Living in the Age of Grace doesn’t exempt us from doing our conscientious best to live as God asks us to, which includes the 10 Commandments.

Genesis 12:11-20
Genesis 20:1-18
Matthew 15:17-20
Acts 5:1-10

Now that’s just on the issue of lieing.  What about the concept of fools?  God says in Proverbs 10:23

It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom.

Hmmm. . . what is April Fools Day all about?  To hear many around me tell it, it’s all about the mischief people cause in others’ lives just to turn around and call them gullible for actually believing what they were told or saw.

Now in light of what was shared above regarding saying what we mean and meaning what we say, are the recipients truly being gullible, or are the perpetrators playing the part of the fool?

Just something to think about today.

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