Moral Battle Lines in the Court of Public Opinion

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I was listening to Praise106.5 the other day at work, when Newsboys “Guilty” came on.  Work was quite slow so I took time to really listen to the lyrics.  Let’s take a quick look at them:


When did it become breaking a rule, To say Your name out loud in school
When Your name is the only one that sets us free, When did it become incorrect
To speak the truth about life and death, When Your life gave us all eternity

Even if it gets me convicted, I’ll be on my knees with my hands lifted

If serving You is against the law of man, If living out my faith in You was banned
Then I’ll stand right before the jury, If saying ‘I believe’ is out of line
If I’m judged ‘cause I’m gonna give my life, To show the world the love that fills me
Then I want to be guilty

I’ll rise up and honor You, I’ll testify to the good You do, ‘Cause your grace and Your mercy have overtaken me

Guilty by association, Guilty of being a voice proclaiming, Your ways, Your truth, Your life
I’ll pay the price to be Your light, I want to be guilty

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Lyrics such as this are so timely in a world where sin is being rammed down the population’s throat faster than anyone can say the longest name in history!  We are fast returning to the days of Nineveh, of Sodom and Gomorrah, and of Noah.  God wiped out whole civilizations back then because even the children grew up thinking wrong was right because they had been taught that from the womb.

Today we have parents letting little children become opposite genders rather than helping them explore gender uniqueness and teaching them to appreciate the gender God gave them.  If this carries on, then what happens to little girls who think they are horses and unicorns?  Will they be turned into horses and unicorns thanks to genetic science?  Will they honestly be happy that way?  Psychologists are starting to realize through no input from Godly voices, that allowing this kind of thing to happen is a new form of child abuse and it is going unchecked because of “choice” and “identification” and “kids know how to raise themselves”.

Standing up for what is right is becoming a felony.  Combine the so-called civilized world’s fascination and forcible indoctrination of “choice” with the east’s genocidal treatment of Christians, and we live in challenging times to say the least.

Ever since Gideon discovered their Bibles no longer welcome in various hotel chain hotel rooms, I am also reminded of “Rocky Raccoon” as sung by U2 and the Beetles before them.  The last few lines mention how the Bible was no doubt useful in his revival.

Songdove Books - Author's Bible open to Psalm119-9God’s Word has power.  Power to change lives.  Power to save lives.  Power to protect lives.  Power to guide lives, and the Power to see us from birth to death and on into eternity.

The question for us, is will we live by that power, or live by the bullying false power currently being wielded over the world in ever-increasing force?  Will we bow to the pressures of the world to confirm, give in, or be somehow dragged through the court of public opinion?  Or will we ignore the court of public opinion and trust God to be our protection and provision as we stand up for what is right in the public square?

Morality has become the new battle ground in modern society.  Which side of the line do you stand on?

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