Top 10 Posts and Pages From 2016

Songdove Books TOP POSTS 2016

Songdove Books TOP POSTS 2016

Top 10 pages for 2016 were

This list of 1op 10 most visited pages for 2016 surprised me a little, but clearly people are looking for affiliate programs they can join.  I am grateful for those who chose to join my affiliate program and look forward to doing business with these people in the future.

Most Viewed blog posts from 2016 were

As you can see, the topics this year were nothing short of controversial!  I began writing enough budgeting content to finally start a separate blog just for that purpose. That site is geared exclusively to household budgeting concepts as I’ve experienced them, and also became home to our foraging adventure that began back in July.  I look forward to adding to that this coming year!  Saving money isn’t always about what you do at a store, sometimes it happens by what you DON’T need to visit the store for.

It was an interesting year to say the least.  Now on to what God has in store for 2017.  Coming?

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