Does it matter which side of the womb a feminist lands on???

a baby's face, women's rights

female police, women's rightsCongratulations to the women who marched on Saturday!  Anyone who cares about unity, and we all know President Trump is one of them, should be very proud of you!  Blacks marched with whites who marched alongside Hispanics, muslims, and other ethnic women.  This kind of multi-ethnic unity was being harshly broken up under Obama’s reign and it was great to see it return.

There’s just one problem.  Multiple rumours have it that if a woman was known to be pro-life, she was turned away or bullied for daring to be part of this march.  Groups publicly known for standing up for the unborn were turned away in spite of those groups being made up largely of women.  What happened here?!

Perhaps we could get a show of hands to find out just how many women believe they arrived via alien seeding in adoption programs and orphanages rather than via a mother’s birth canal.  Every single one of you who marched the other day, were conceived in your mother’s womb and fortunately for you, carried to full term and given the chance at the life you now lead.

a baby's face, women's rightsYou claim to continue the fight for women’s rights, a very feminist perspective that you are proud to carry the torch for.  Did you not have those rights in the womb?  The most basic right, the right to life, was that not granted to you by your own mother?  Are you thankful she chose to honour your right to live and make a difference in this world?

Why are you against giving this right to unborn women who would otherwise march beside you one day?  Why is it wrong for you to stand up for the rights of unborn women who may one day carry the feminist torch in your stead after you’ve passed from the scene?

Many feminists champion women’s rights in countries where women are treated worse than dogs.  Feminists decry honour killings in countries where men are encouraged to beat their wives if they step out of line.  In many of those countries, if a woman is found to be carrying an unborn female child, she is strongly urged to abort and if she does not, both she and her unborn daughter could be killed together.  Are you aware that these cultural atrocities travel with these people to our shores?  Are you aware that easy access to abortion clinics means that these cultures can get rid of unborn women just like you in a much easier and supposedly safer manner?  Are you seriously ok with this???

Women just like you are not being given the light of day to make the difference you hope to see in the world!  They are being cut off before they even breathe the air you breathe!  How can you call yourself a true feminist if you do not ascribe the same rights you cherish, to your unborn compatriots?!  A few days ago, you linked arms with others who managed to make it safely through their mother’s birth canal.  But I guarantee you there are many women who you will never get to link arms with, because you championed their demise rather than their right to live as you do now.

If you call yourself a true feminist, then fight for your unborn sisters!  Fight for their right to live and grow and find their place in your fight for women’s rights.  It doesn’t matter which side of the birth canal a woman sits, she has the same rights you do.  Whether she is yet to pass through that canal, or have already passed through it, she deserves the same respect, the same right to life, and the same chance at a healthy, long, productive life contributing positively to society as we know it.  Those women coming up after you may just be the voices necessary to change society for the better, but not if you continue to champion the death of those women who have not yet been born.

Face it.  If your mother had chosen death, you would not have been here to link arms and show solidarity with women no matter what their race, religion, status or age.  You owe it to your mother for granting you the rights you champion today, and you owe it to your unborn compatriots to do the same.  If you deserve to live, so do your unborn sisters.  If women’s lives matter, don’t forget those who have yet to pass through the birth canal.  They are women too.

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