The Polarization of Faith in Politics!

Sondove Books: 1024px-Abel_Grimmer_-_Toren_van_BabelI generally stay silent on things related to politics.  I watch, I pray, I wait and see to observe how things go.  My watching and observing are not obsessive and could be considered by some to be almost negligent, but I do pay attention.

What bothers me is when I see people who profess to have a strong faith in Christ, using ideologies and arguments that uphold things God is clearly against in the Scriptures because the thing they are promoting for or against has more bearing on how they feel about something than on how God feels about it.  Our feelings don’t trump God’s Word.  Never has in the past and never will in the future.  Holding how we feel the world should work above what God presents as His world view, is one sure-fire way to put self firmly on the throne!  If God is against a given thing, thought, ideology, principle, etc in His Word, then we as His followers should also be against that same thing in our everyday living.  If God is for a given thing, thought, ideology, principle etc in His Word, we as His children should also be for that thing in our everyday living.  But it appears nothing has brought out the dichotomy of professing Christians versus conservative or liberal world views than the past 8 months and this past month in particular.

Cross over the World - Songdove BooksSome even hide behind the “laws of the land” to justify their perspectives and viewpoints as if “the laws of the land” are also higher than God’s laws.  Such arguments are often predicated on technicalities.  While satan and secular public courts work on technicalities to get stuff through or tossed out, God doesn’t work that way.  He looks on the heart.  He tests the motives.  As a person who sometimes struggles with the principle of the law versus the spirit of the law, I notice when this angle gets used to creatively skirt how God would handle something.  People forget that God is a God of justice, a God of wrath, and a God of judgement equally as much as He is a God of love.  God’s concept of acceptance in the Scriptures is not an “anything goes and I’ll love you anyway” teaching.  It is an “I love you as you are at the moment you come to Me, but I love you too much to leave you in that state and will work to engrave My Image on your heart and life and make you a new person with new desires and a new world view”.

To bring God’s holiness into the picture, particularly where politics is involved, is to be either pushed over by every wind that blows and bend over so badly that no influence is left outside of the lukewarm bad taste God hates, or to be labelled a legalist with no love for humanity because God calls us to live lives set apart to Him and not look, act, speak or think like the world around us.  The modern “civilized” human condition has become drastically sharpened into focus over the US election results and it’s honestly amazing how many of God’s people can’t stand the outcome or see how God might use this outcome for the betterment of both the US and Israel.

Songdove Books - 10 CommandmentsPeople getting hung up on women’s right to murder, (God says murder is a sin by the way, it’s in the 10 commandments) getting out of joint over changes to how the US treats God’s chosen people (he who blesses Israel will be blessed, he who curses her will be cursed), jumping up and down over alternative lifestyles (God says this is a result of turning one’s back against God in the New Testament letters), and the list could go on, have either not bothered to pay attention to those parts of Scripture, or don’t feel God’s Word should have any say in their views of society around them.  This is really sad, and I’m sure God is currently looking at much of the North American church and shaking His had in sad dismay.  When we value worldly values more than we value God’s values, we are in danger. . . Putting God’s values above the world’s values will put us ad odds with those around us.  It just will.  There’s no getting around it.  Read Isaiah 59 for context, the whole chapter.

Christian flag - Songdove BooksThere is a new cause creating rebels if those who espouse God’s ways will see themselves as rebels.  That cause is the narrow way.  That cause is upstanding citizenship in the Kingdom of Christ.  That cause is daring to live as an ambassador from the country of heaven, doing things as heaven does.  Living as a Christ-follower going forward is only going to get more and more polarizing between those who truly love and live for Christ, and those who bear the name, but refuse to rock the boat, muddy the waters, or stir the pot in order to make a difference in lives around them.  God calls His people to be set apart, to do things differently, to have a different world view, to put His ways above human ways and to see humanity through God’s eyes rather than through human eyes.  How many Christians are willing to go against the grain and do things God’s way?  God’s way is harsh at times, gentle at other times, unpopular, uncool, against the grain of today’s so-called tolerant society, showing tough love in some cases and gentle love in others, never giving in to obvious or willful sin and never excusing or condoning it in others, but pointing to it as the reason Christ died on the Cross, so that we might have grace to live holy lives in an unholy world.

Praying ChurchDon’t like what some leader is doing? Pray!  Feel it’s important enough to say something about it? Be sure you checked out what God says on the matter first!  Be a proponent of what God says on the matter AFTER you’ve made good and sure you KNOW what He says!  Don’t go spouting nice-sounding platitudes that don’t stand up when placed against the Word of God.  It may not be popular, but it’s the right thing to do.